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2018 SMPS Social Media Campaign Award

Corderman & Company embarked on an endeavor to increase brand awareness by launching their very first social media campaign with a non-existent budget. If that challenge wasn’t hard enough, they decided to push the envelope and create a campaign that was different, that highlighted their people and not their projects.

Deciding to focus on a rather under represented segment of the AEC industry, Corderman & Company tailored their social media campaign to showcase the women in their company. They aligned their campaign with Women in Construction Week, a nationally recognized week in March that “highlights women as a visible component of the construction company” to increase their reach and awareness.

The campaign exceeded their expectations, both quantitatively and qualitatively. While the measurable data cannot be overlooked, Corderman & Company took more pride in the innumerable calls and emails they received from clients. Both past and current clients reached out in order to acknowledge and celebrate not only the campaign but the featured women as well.

Our SMPS judges selected Corderman & Company for the Social Media Award due to their astonishing results and genuine message. It is a true testament to a company when they can achieve their goals while raising awareness to a societal challenge. Corderman & Company’s Women in Construction Campaign is an example of honest, thoughtful, and productive social media.

Corderman & Company Social Media Campaign

Amanda Alcamo


Amanda Alcamo is the Marketing & Communications Specialist in Acentech’s Marketing Department. She is also an SMPS Boston Communications Committee Member and is currently SMPS Boston's Blog Manager.

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