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Award Winners: Chapman’s Holiday Cheer

In the spirit of the holiday…

‘Twas a night in October, when all through the company,
Comm staff were creating, trying not to be grumpy.
The messages were developed by marketers with care,
In hopes they would soon have holiday cards to share.

The designs were adding a cool, creative touch
While visions of click-throughs appeared to the marketing bunch.
And engineers with the slide-rules, constructors in hard-hats,
Threw out silly ideas, and made useless comments on format.

When out of blue there arouse a fantastic brainstorm,
Video is the answer to making our clients happy and warm.
Away to the production room the team flew in a flash
And produced a product worthy of the first place sash!

Nothing says summer is over like the early fall task of thinking through holiday card production. But, as we sit here, smack in the middle of holiday season, the cards, greetings and emails we receive from our colleagues help to brighten our days at work. In 2014, Chapman Construction did a fantastic job capturing that spirit and giving clients a healthy dose of holiday cheer.

Borrowing from the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas poem (yes, I copied them), they produced a light, engaging and entertaining video, featuring their staff and reinforcing the values they deliver to clients through their projects. The piece struck the perfect balance of reinforcing what Chapman stands for, without trying to sell a viewer anything. And, Chapman’s got the bling to show-off as a result of this video: they were recognized with a first place award in the 2015 SMPS Boston Marketing Awards.

There are a few lessons we marketers can learn from Chapman’s holiday card success:
1. Have fun. The employees in the Chapman video are smiling and obviously enjoying themselves. This feeling becomes contagious and, as a viewer, I found myself smiling.
2. Stay consistent with your brand. The message in Chapman’s video reinforces what the company stands for and feels real and authentic.
3. Don’t try to sell something. We all get a slew of emails from Bed, Bath & Beyond and other retailers trying to sell us something. Leave the couponing to those firms and focus on creating a message that will reinforce trust in your brand.
4. Consider more than a card. Chapman’s video piece produced messages and a feeling beyond what a single, printed card could have. And, it’s more sustainable!

Danielle Jackson


Danielle Jackson is the Corporate Marketing Manager for CDM Smith and a member of the SMPS Boston Awards Committee.

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