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Social Gems from the 2015 SMPS Boston Awards

The 2015 SMPS Boston Awards was a glorious occasion, celebrating the best work that the members of our chapter did in the past year. Click here to see the rundown of all the winners! And being the highly-connected marketers that we are, many members of the chapter posted a virtual highlight reel to social networks as the evening went on…

Everyone was in awe of the Awards Committee’s work to decorate the event space:

We threw a party for 200 people last night. NBD. #smpsbostonawards

A photo posted by Rebecca Roy (@rebesroy) on

With beaucoup cocktails, tasty apps and great marketers — the crowd was in high spirits:

Besties! #smpsbostonawards

A photo posted by Rebecca Roy (@rebesroy) on

Then it was time to grab seats for dinner and awards!

President Ben Sawa took the stage for a presentation that had some members comparing him favorably to Steve Jobs himself:

And with that, the year’s winners were celebrated!

Our new leaders for 2015-2016 were announced with great fanfare.

The party continued well into the evening…and the Boston party scene had rarely witnessed such a blend of brilliant minds and stylish attire!

After the party it's the after party . #rooftop #smpsbostonawards

A photo posted by Rebecca Roy (@rebesroy) on

Thanks to all who attended and tweeted! See you next year!

Hot air balloon centerpiece from #smpsbostonawards, still looking good in @nitscheng reception area!

A photo posted by Anna Luciano (@alwaysanna13) on

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