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Award Winners: Vanderweil’s 65th Anniversary Book & Client Gift

This is our last post celebrating the masterpieces of marketing that brought home the honors at the 2016 SMPS Boston Awards gala. May you find creative inspiration from these outstanding communications!

For Vanderweil Engineers, it’s important that clients feel appreciated and understand the rich history of the firm. To show this, Vanderweil’s marketing team developed unique gifts to give to their clients on the occasion of the firm’s 65th anniversary. The first gift was a 65th anniversary book sent to all clients. The second gift was a bamboo plant only given to a few select clients. The judges described their gifts as “classy perfection” in awarding Vanderweil first place for special event marketing.Vanderweil2

Vanderweil’s 65th anniversary book highlighted the firm and its accomplishments. The book was developed to highlight the firm’s longevity, as well as to highlight Vanderweil’s history as a family-owned company. The book showcased the firm’s strong 65-year history in engineering innovation, and emphasized the firm’s gratitude to their clients for their loyalty and support.

The bamboo plant symbolizes stability, good luck, and the firm’s abiding roots. The judges loved the idea of sending this gift to select clients who have been highly important to the firm’s success, hopefully seeding a continually strong relationship.

Through this celebration of Vanderweil’s 65th anniversary, the firm’s marketing team was able to demonstrate the value of longevity — both through the number of years the firm has been in business, and through the individuals who have remained committed to their firm throughout the years. The result was a well-earned 1st place award for special event marketing!

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