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Jessica Harris

Director of Membership

After graduating Emerson College with a degree in Marketing Communications: Advertising and Public Relations and a minor in Journalism, Jess knew she wanted to focus her career in marketing but wasn’t sure exactly what. Her first “real” job came with C.E. Floyd and though she didn’t have experience in the construction industry, she was assured she would catch on quickly. She joined as a Marketing Coordinator/Business Development Coordinator but found her interest in business development taking flight.  Fast forward a few years and Jess was appointed Business Development Manager where she works with clients building and maintaining relationships and adds value by growing the company’s network of ideal customers. Jess has now been with C.E. Floyd for eight years, seven of which have been in her current role.

Jess was encouraged to join SMPS Boston by her upper management and coworkers, and she’s glad she did.

“I feel like I have a built-in ‘support group’ of people who do thing same thing as me, ” she says. “Marketing and Business Development in the A/EC/ industry is a very specific career path, and it’s amazing to have a network of nearly 300 people (just in the Greater Boston area!) who I can always bounce ideas off of or go to for advice.”

She is currently serving as the Director of Membership for the 2022-2022 term. As part of her responsibilities, Jess is launching the Peer-to-Peer Coaching Network (P2PC), which is a spin on the traditional mentor-mentee relationship. The Membership Committee also hosts events for new and prospective members throughout the year and focuses on member care and retention.

In her spare time, you can find Jess reading or listening to audio books, taking barre classes, baking with her 3-year old, and learning to sew. One could call her a mashup of Joanna Gaines and Marie Kondo as she also enjoys perfecting the interior design and organization of her house.