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Kelly Auld

Director of Professional Development

Although Kelly graduated the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA with a degree in pre-law, she has no objections to her career trajectory. Kelly’s first job out of college was teaching kindergarten at a Montessori school where she learned that if one can manage a group of 20 five-year olds, one can manage anything.  Soon after, she landed a job at Halvorson Design Partnership as an Office Manager/Marketing Assistant and eventually was promoted to the Director of Marketing. From there she accepted a part-time position alongside her friend, Pia Cardinali, at CJRA (now IBI Placemaking) in order to balance her work and home life with a young son. Eventually the role evolved into a full-time position where she spent time exercising her writing muscles with proposals, social media, and blog posts.

She recently accepted the challenge as the Marketing and Communications Manager at DBVW Architects in Providence, RI. Alongside a graphic designer, her department juggles proposals, social media, website management, brand recognition, and PR plans, among other responsibilities.

Kelly credits her involvement with SMPS Boston to her mentors from her early days, Karen Euler and Linda Lukas.

“I owe a lot of where I am today to them. Karen was the one that suggested I attend the 2013 SMPS Bootcamp and from there I joined the Professional Development committee and attended all the events I could,” she recounts. Kelly found the most valuable aspect of SMPS has been the education she received by attending events.

“As someone who did not study AEC marketing in school (does anyone?!?) SMPS has been my number one source for career development and AEC marketing knowledge.”

Kelly is the Director of the Professional Development Committee, where she takes the ideas and aspirations put forth by the committee and puts them into action.

“Planning Professional Development events takes a village,” she explains, “I am so happy to have such thoughtful, innovative, powerful, and empathetic minds on this year’s Professional Development Committee and Board. One thing is for sure – 2020 is a year unlike any other, but with this team, I have no fear that the events in the 2020-2021 year will be some of the best!”

Outside of her job and SMPS Boston, Kelly embraces her creative side. You might catch Kelly on stage, singing, dancing, and acting in local theater productions or find her with a needle in hand, knitting, crocheting, or cross stitching a new creation. Kelly also enjoys renovating her house, playing with her two kids, or taking leisurely strolls down the aisles of Target with a flavored latte in hand.