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Leena Kent

Director of Programs

Leena Kent graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design, receiving a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Photography. She immersed herself in the A/E/C industry by responding to a job posting for a graphic designer at a local construction company. At the time, she didn’t know much about the industry. Eventually, Leena was not only involved with graphic design as the first step into construction but also with business development, which is how she’s met so many people in the industry over the years.

Leena is currently a Marketing Manager at Suffolk Construction, where she has been for over 3.5 years. She is able to work on a variety of proposals, and visiting the progress of the awarded jobs is one of the perks. She remarks that every day is not the same with multiple deadlines and challenges, making it interesting and fast-paced.

Leena first got involved with SMPS when she saw a social event in the city where she could meet other A/E/C peers. She went there, met SMPS members, came back, and signed up as a member. The rest is history! SMPS has given Leena the chance to find new career opportunities, make friends, and network. She notes that the most valuable part of SMPS is the friendships she’s made along the way.

As Director of Programs, Leena curates events for the upcoming year with the Programs Committee. She is also recruiting new members to her committee, so if anyone is interested in joining the fun and planning exciting events you can be a part of, reach out to Leena for more information.

Her current hobbies have been put on hold for now, as she and her husband recently welcomed twin baby girls into this world!