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Lisa Frisbie


By Megan Whalen

Lisa’s career as a marketer hasn’t always been in the AEC realm, but her prior experience provided her a stepping stone to get her where she is today. While she was busy getting her BS degree in Business & Marketing from the University of Phoenix and her MS in International Marketing from Boston University shortly after, Lisa was also expanding her professional skill set in various marketing and communications roles. Talk about being busy! But without those prior roles, Lisa would not have gained the expertise she needs today to excel in AEC marketing.

So, how did Lisa jump into this crazy AEC world? Her older sister had a helping hand. Aurora Cammarata, a past president of SMPS, saw the job posting at AGC MA and encouraged her to apply. Lisa was confident she could take on the challenge of marketing in a new environment. “Every position I have held has contributed to the skill building required to be successful at what I do today. Each role entailed various responsibilities and experiences (good & bad) that were valuable teaching moments.”

With the encouragement from her sister and Lisa’s confidence in her experience, she took on the role of Director of Marketing and Communications at AGC MA, where she has worked for almost three and half years.  With a small office consisting of eight employees, Lisa is responsible for a variety of duties. She takes charge of everything and anything communications related: web design and content, the monthly newsletter, the newly launched Best Practices quarterly publication, and all social media posts. Additionally, she manages two AGC committees (Program Advisory & Building Women in Construction-BWiC) and all the programming the committees opt to produce.

Her work doesn’t stop there – she is continuously leading the business development efforts for her company. She strives to build working relationships in the industry through volunteering on the boards of SMPS, PGTI, GBAAI, and WIT Deans Advisory Committee. With such a full plate, Lisa can run into some challenges. “The biggest challenge is working to continually deliver programs that resonate with our members and offer opportunities to keep them engaged.  Also, time management – especially maintaining a healthy work/life balance. It’s important to stay mentally and physically fit to be happy.”

Those challenges do not stop her from engaging with others and working as hard as possible. Once working in the AEC world, Lisa was already aware of the benefits of joining SMPS through her sister Aurora’s involvement. Once she joined, she was able to quickly immerse herself in the industry, while meeting and building new personal and professional relationships. SMPS Boston’s educational and networking resources enabled Lisa to learn the ropes and meet new people very quickly. Shortly after joining, she became of a member of the Program Committee, and ended up being the Chair a few years later.

Throughout her years as an SMPS member and Program Committee member and Chair, Lisa has learned a lot. She truly values the relationships she has made and the benefits it has brought to her career. This year, Lisa moved into the role of the Director of the Program Committee. “As the Director of the Program Committee it is my responsibility to provide an opportunity for volunteers to contribute and engage so that they realize the benefits of being an SMPS member. As a board member it is my duty to represent the association and its mission as the most trusted resource for building business and achieving success in the AEC industry”. She is excited to see what this year on the Board brings. Lisa hopes to implement some new strategies to engage current members and encourage non-members to become part of the SMPS Boston family.

When Lisa isn’t busy tackling the business world, she tries to enjoy her down time with drawing, reading, traveling with her husband, and spending time with her family.