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Sarah Shields Duval

Director of Programs

Author: Allison Flood

After graduating from North Carolina State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Sarah joined Daltile & Stone, an engineering firm in Washington, DC where she led Marketing and Business Development efforts. She continued working with the firm, leading her to move to the Boston area. With more than 3 years in Sarah’s current position as an Architectural Design Representative for Daltile & Stone, she is loving the role, the community, and the clients. Sarah harvests Daltile’s existing client base within the Architectural realm while generating new opportunities for design and product sales within other untouched firms.

During her time in Washington, DC, Sarah’s firm encouraged her to get involved within the SMPS community and other industry organizations. She immediately joined the SMPS DC chapter where she became a part of the membership committee and fell in love with the work, the organization, and the people. As a member of the SMPS Boston chapter, she has been on the Programs Committee for the last five years and now serves as the Director of the Programs Committee. She works to plan five or more events and programs each year to showcase different aspects of the A/E/C industry while also ensuring that they are relevant and valuable to each attendee. The Committee’s focus is to bring to light current events, projects, or best practices.

SMPS has been invaluable to her career by allowing Sarah to grow her skills—learning from industry veterans and her marketing peers. Her involvement in SMPS has taken her out of her comfort zone and provided her friendly relationships and encouragement as well as educational and professional development opportunities. Sarah says that her involvement in a committee has grown her network and given her a chance to take on additional responsibilities to expand her overall professional development.

Fun fact: On a typical afternoon you can find Sarah on a run or exploring a new place. She loves to travel and hike!