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This Year, the Analogy of the Baseball Opening Day “Rebirth” is Even More Spot On

Written March 2, 2021

First things first: I am a baseball junkie/ geek/ superfan, I admit.  I have been to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York 3 times, once to watch an induction ceremony.  Back in the day, I was an avid baseball card collector.  Even now, there is still something about baseball vs. other sports that has a drama to it that is hard to beat.

Getting that out of the way, yesterday (unexpectedly) was a great day.  First, I learned that Fenway Park WILL have live fans (not cardboard or digital cutouts) at Opening Day on April 1st.  It will be limited capacity, but it’s a start.  I also learned that minor league baseball will be back (in May), and WITH real fans in the parks.  Keep in mind that last year the entire minor league baseball season was outright canceled, due to COVID-19 of course.

Even non-baseball fans will acknowledge that there is something about Spring Training, and the subsequent Opening Day, that symbolizes Spring… and the hopefulness of Spring.  It signals that another long, dreary, cold Winter is over-and that sunny days are indeed ahead.

Well, I can’t think of a worse “dreary Winter” than what we all have been living through for the past year- with the COVID pandemic and its effect on the economy and on society in general.  If we ever needed that old adage “Hope springs eternal”, it is right now.

Spring Training games have just begun to be played- which means that we are on our way.

We are on our way to every team being 0-0 on Day 1, and dreaming about maybe making the playoffs.

We are on our way to the social and community benefits of fans gathering together at the park or stadium and cheering on the home team.

The timing of the onset of this baseball season matches perfectly with our country and state slowly moving past the terrible lockdowns, suffering, and loss that has plagued us since the middle of last March.  Every week is getting a little bit better; people are starting to get a little more positive.

All of this, of course, is much needed for our economy.  I think we all hope that soon the economic engines will be firing on all cylinders, and we can see the strong investment in commercial and residential development that was commonplace for several years prior to COVID.

As the weeks progress, I will certainly keep my fingers crossed.  We all know that nothing is guaranteed.  However, it appears that the worst is behind us- and not a moment too soon.

I’ll close with a simple: “Let’s play ball!”


Ken is a Director of Industry Development and Technical Services at the International Masonry Institute. Some of his writings have been featured in ARCHITECT magazine,, and for U.S. Building News. He can be reached at

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