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CPSM Certification

SMPS offers a credential that recognizes your marketing expertise, the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM). The CPSM credential is a voluntary certification designed to elevate the professional standards in marketing and influence the future of this vital field. The designation serves as a mark of distinction – a CPSM is recognized as an individual who has met a rigorous standard of experience and expertise in marketing professional services. Earning your CPSM designation proves proficiency in the domain’s knowledge areas and skill sets, and sets the bar for professional expertise and excellence.

View the video below on the Value of Becoming a CPSM. To learn more about becoming a CPSM including eligibility requirements, fees, and study materials, click here.

SMPS Boston is committed to helping its members become CPSMs by offering study groups and scholarships.

Study Groups

The CPSM Study Group is available to help CPSM candidates study for the exam. The study group is designed to provide support for candidates to prepare for the exam through open discussion, learning activities, and mock exams. Each session is led by a CPSM. In the study group sessions we cover the six domains of practice: Marketing Research, Marketing Planning, Client & Business Development, Proposals, Promotional Activity and Management. The goal of the CPSM Study Group is to prepare you to take (and pass) the CPSM exam.

Visit the Events page to register for upcoming CPSM Study Group sessions


The CPSM exam is a 150-question, multiple-choice test. Candidates will be tested on their knowledge of the six domains of practice: marketing research, marketing plan, client and business development, proposals, promotional activity, and management. Candidates must achieve a 75% score or higher to pass the CPSM examination. Whether you are a marketer, business developer, or the employer of one, this certification will help you take your organization to the next level.

Testing Dates

SMPS understands candidates experience scheduling challenges when mapping out study plans and determining when to sit for the CPSM exam. To assist candidates to better plan their studying and scheduling, the testing process is changing.

Effective 2022, the CPSM testing format will change from the current on-demand continuous testing process (i.e., take the test any time you want) to a two-windows-per-year/three-week testing cycle. The testing windows are the dates during which the exam is administered by Professional Testing Corporation (PTC), and the exam windows will be open in March and September every year.
For 2022, the testing windows will be March 5 through March 26 and September 3 through September 24. Once candidates apply to take the exam and receive their Scheduling Authorization from PTC, they may choose their testing window.

SMPS is pleased to offer this updated testing schedule. The windows provide a firm guide so candidates know when to take the test, and the specific dates provide deadlines so candidates can better plan their study and scheduling.

Scholarships Available!

We understand that not all firms are able to pay for their employees to take the exam. Because of this, SMPS Boston offers multiple scholarships each year for members who need help covering the exam cost. Applicants must be an SMPS Boston member, eligible to take the exam, participate in the yearly study group, and must take the exam within three months of submitting the application. Download the application.

For more information about the CPSM Program or the CPSM Study Session Group, please contact one of our Committee Members:

PJ Roscoe, CPSM
Director, CPSM Committee
(978) 609-4862

Tracey C. O’Connor, CPSM
Chair, CPSM Committee
Associate/Marketing Manager
(617) 520-9485

Phil Learmonth, CPSM

Northeast Division Marketing
(617) 532-2234

Rebecca Maloney, CPSM
Director of Marketing & Business Development
RFS Engineering
(978) 473-1178

Hilary Nieukirk, CPSM
Marketing Manager
Shawmut Design and Construction
(617) 622-7246

Check our recruitment video – UP YOUR GAME – for #CPSMWeek2018!


SMPS Boston participated in a CPSM Recruitment Video Contest which included winners from small, medium, large and extra-large SMPS Chapters. SMPS Boston swept the competition with our Family Feud / CPSM themed recruitment video by an extra large chapter!  Participants included Karyn Tirabassi (Creative Director), Chuck Raymond (Host), and the players: Hilary Nieukirk, Kirsten Papagni, PJ Roscoe, Kim Smith, and Ken Sterritt. Video by Glenn di Benedetto of Green Light N Go.