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Content Creation to Boost Your Online Presence

Content is king. That’s the latest credo in our field. Content marketing, also known as brand journalism, is exploding as a marketing discipline thanks to digital and social media. Companies are publishing their own content and engaging with their “many publics” via websites, e-blasts, videos, and blogs.

Why should you pay attention to content marketing? Here are a few reasons why content creation and marketing is critical to your online presence – and your business.

  • Content marketing is about storytelling. People enjoy stories that are interesting, funny, and engaging – and prompt us to re-tweet, re-post, and respond to the brands and companies that we like. The desire to share good, meaningful content is what social media is all about.
  • Content marketing should be a soft sell. This medium is not about hard sales pitches, numbers, or figures. Appeal to creativity and human interest.
  • Custom content is more effective at reaching your target audience. Companies that create their own content show an initiative to thinking outside the box and building strong relationships with their clients. What do you want clients to know about you? How will they discover that?
  • Content marketing can help people make informed decisions. Provide information on your services, best practices, and industry trends. When you showcase your expertise and successful projects, clients are provided with the information they need to make an informed decision about hiring you.

Developing good content is the best way to drive potential clients to your web site and promote your brand. You want to capture their attention, but also provide value, i.e., educate them about a service or market trend and entertain them with content that makes an impression. Many tactics may be used to educate and entertain your audience, such as email newsletters, infographics, client video testimonials, and how-to articles. These and other strategies can be included – alone or together – in a content marketing plan to build your online presence, drive SEO, and increase traffic to your web site.

For example, it’s great to write a blog and post it to your company’s web site. But don’t stop there: repurpose that original content across several social media platforms. Choose a photo and share it with a teaser on Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest, providing the link back to your blog. Tweet individual tips from your blog, spacing your posts over time, and shorten the URL if necessary to stretch those 140 characters. Create your own editorial calendar so you capture and promote the salient points of your blog for maximum value and impact.

Content marketing provides an opportunity to design and deliver marketing initiatives that offer measurability via website monitoring (measuring, for example, the source of traffic by search engine, e-newsletter, or social media). Content creation is another tool in the PR and marketing toolbox, and should be considered within your overall marketing strategy.


Michele Spiewak is an account director at Rhino PR. Michele helps A/E/C clients establish and launch successful PR programs closely aligned with each client’s unique goals and objectives.

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