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CPSM: The importance of getting certified

Today’s post is courtesy of Brad Thurman, P.E., FSMPS, CPSM, a principal and chief marketing officer with Wallace Engineering, a structural and civil engineering consulting firm. For the past 15 years, he has helped lead Wallace’s marketing and business development efforts across two disciplines and five offices. Brad is a past-president of SMPS Oklahoma, served for three years as an instructor for the SMPS Presidents Leadership Symposium, an annual training program for incoming chapter presidents-elect, and was co-chair of Build Business 2009 in Las Vegas. He is a licensed professional engineer in seven states and currently serves as president on the SMPS National Board. He can be reached at

SMPS CPSMI’m often asked why obtaining your CPSM certification is important.  It’s a tricky question to answer.  Not because its merit is dubious – not in the least.  It’s because it can be important for different reasons depending on your point of view.

From the Society’s view, our certification program is a touchstone for advancement in our profession.  It reflects an individual’s dedication and accomplishments.  CPSMs have met a rigorous standard of experience and expertise, and have demonstrated their knowledge by passing a thorough examination of marketing competency.  They agree to abide by a Code of Ethics and they are required to obtain continuing education towards recertification every three years.  The CPSM certification is a mark of distinction for our industry.

From the individual’s view, passing the CPSM exam raises their stature in the profession, and provides a sense of personal and professional accomplishment.  It can – and should – add credibility in the workplace.  Because the exam covers all six domains of practice and requires study to pass, it enhances their knowledge of the industry.

From the individual’s company’s view, it’s recognition of their employee’s standing in the profession of marketing and business development.  It reinforces best practices and provides a wide-focus knowledge base.  It makes people better at their jobs.

The CPSM certification is SMPS’s measure of an individual’s professional credentials in marketing and business development in the A/E/C industry.  Nearly all professions have certifications.  Some are easy to obtain.  Some, like the CPSM, require study, examination, and continuing education.  We want SMPS to be the recognized expert in our profession and CPSM certification is how we measure our best.

The bottom line?  The importance of getting your CPSM certification depends on your point of view.  But, regardless of your point of view, it’s important.

REMINDER: Don’t forget to join the CPSM Committee on 12/10/13 at 5:30 pm to learn about what it takes to get certified.

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