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Get Motivated to Become a CPSM

Have you been considering becoming a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM), but can’t quite decide whether to take that first step?  This is the time of year we start our CPSM Study Group to get our members ready to take the CPSM exam. Joining the study group gives you a built-in support network and keeps you on track as we study each of the six domains together.

There are lots of reasons to put it off: too busy, no time, workload, family or other priorities, etc.  These are all valid reasons, and there will always be some reason (or excuse) you can’t do it, right?  Well, let me try to appeal to the part of you that does have the desire to get ahead in your career, and would like to gain a sense of accomplishment.  Here are five reasons to get you motivated to earn your CPSM certification this year:

  1. Increase your knowledge:  You know that saying, “knowledge is power”.  By studying the six domains of practice, participating in a study group, and learning from other CPSMs, you will gain valuable insights and knowledge.  You can immediately apply these tools and ideas to your current role to improve marketing and business development at your firm.
  1. Get a competitive edge: Investing in yourself is particularly important in the current economic climate. Becoming a CPSM, positions you as an experienced marketer in the AEC industry, giving you a competitive edge over someone else with the same experience but without the certification.
  2. Enhance your credibility: In an industry where credentials are important (all those letters after people’s names, PE, AIA, etc.), earning the CPSM certification gives marketers more respect and credibility with your firm’s leadership, as well as clients, and peers. The certification demonstrates that you are knowledgeable about professional services marketing.
  3. Be seen as a leader: As you continue to climb the ladder in your career, a CPSM designation helps you distinguish yourself as a proven leader. Once you become certified, you’ve demonstrated that you are qualified to perform the services of a professional services marketer as set forth by SMPS. Plus, CPSM designation is the first step to becoming a Fellow in the Society.
  4. Gain a sense of accomplishment: Earning your certification will give you a great sense of success and professional accomplishment. After studying, putting in the work, and passing the exam, you will be one of the growing numbers of CPSMs in the Boston chapter and have access to CPSM-only networking events and professional development opportunities.  We currently have 35 SMPS members with the CPSM designation in the Boston Chapter. Will you be our next one?

Register now for our upcoming CPSM Information Session on October 21st on Microsoft Teams.


PJ Roscoe, CPSM, Director of CPSM Committee. PJ has worked in professional services marketing for 20 years for architecture, engineering, and construction firms. She has been an active member of SMPS for 19 years and served on a few committees over the years. She currently serves on the CPSM Committee and is on the Board of Directors. Questions? E-mail her at

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