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Will you Rock your CPSM this year?

Karyn Tirabassi, CPSM (right) with her friends at a recent rock concert

Karyn Tirabassi, CPSM (right) with her friends at a recent rock concert

Picture this. You’re at a rock concert. Not just any rock concert; it’s one of your favorite bands. You’re sandwiched within a huge crowd, but not bothered. You’re feeling great. You have a clear view of the stage, a cold drink in your hand, and the weather is picture perfect. You are in a comfortable spot and think, “I’m not going anywhere. I am completely happy right here!” Then the band hits the stage and wham! People start rushing toward the stage from all directions trying to be as close as possible. They dodge in and out of people, and bump into you hard nearly spilling your drink to get up front. Although flustered, you, nonetheless, are still happy in your space…even though you can no longer see the stage!

Question. Will you continue to stay there hoping to get a glimpse of the band? Will you push your way to the front like the others did?

Why is she telling this story, you might ask? Think of that rock concert as your career. You may be in that comfortable spot where you don’t want to move…you know what you know, your career is in a good spot and life is good…until that crowd starts to surge. They push ahead of you. They learn new things and are front and center stage at their firms. This may be fine with you, until one day when you get shoved really hard by someone in the crowd. That someone could be a boss, a colleague, or a client that wants you to know more, expects it, and wants it now!

By studying to become a CPSM, you will gain a deeper understanding of the six domains of practice: Marketing Research, Marketing Planning, Client and Business Development, Proposals, Promotional Activity, and Management. You will gain confidence professionally and personally and, in the process, gain a base of raging fans (your CPSM and Fellows network who share best practices and advice through MySMPS, CPSM digest; a CPSM-only online forum). These and the benefits to studying and receiving your CPSM are endless.

With your CPSM credential in your arsenal, you will be ready for action when that crowd begins to surge past you. Isn’t it time for YOU to be at center stage? Learn more at our Information session (dress rehearsal!) on October 16 and also have chance to win a set of Markendium books or a Markendium Learning Labs series!

For more information, please contact Karyn Tirabassi, CPSM, at


Karyn Tirabassi is the Director of the SMPS Boston CPSM Committee and a Market Development Representative at eClinical Solutions.

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