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How to Use Adobe XD for Branded Social Media Graphics

If you are involved with sales or marketing at your firm, you’ve undoubtedly noticed how many companies have started to “brand” their social media feeds. Branded graphics really help your posts stand out and look professional. In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to make edits to existing Adobe XD templates for quick and consistently branded social posts.

Although there are many applications that you can use for this purpose, our tool of choice is Adobe XD, a simple to use graphic design program that makes updating and creating social graphics really easy. And, at less than $10 a month, it’s an affordable option. (If you already have Adobe Creative Cloud, you should have access to XD.) See XD pricing info here.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Adobe XD to:

  • Apply your brand fonts and colors with a click of a button
  • Write and edit text without fussing with text box sizes
  • Drag and drop your firm logo and brand patterns onto any template
  • Duplicate existing templates in order to reuse them consistently
  • Lock and unlock elements so you don’t accidentally move something you weren’t supposed to
  • Swap out photos in 2 seconds or less using drag and drop functionality
  • Export high-quality graphics that look fantastic on all devices

Click below to watch the video:


At Clockwork, we love to design branded social media templates for our clients to use. Reach out to us today if you’d like some help creating customized branded social media templates. Or, if you’d prefer we take social completely off your to-do list, we now offer a turnkey solution where we design the graphics, write the content, and post regularly for you. Check out our website – we’d love to discuss your firms’ social media needs!


Vanessa Schaefer, the President & Creative Director of Clockwork Design Group, has over twenty years of experience helping A/E/C and other professional service firms create websites, printed materials, impactful proposals, and strong corporate brands.

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