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You’ve Got 2 Weeks to Show Off Your Creative Side – Ready, Set, Go!

Our friends at the BSA Foundation are about to host their largest fundraiser of the year, and they need our help! The event will host over 200 current and prospective BSA Foundation sponsors, and raises thousands of dollars annually to support the Foundation’s mission (don’t know what that is? I’ll give you the cliff notes later in this post!).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design a takeaway piece for the fundraiser breakfast. This doesn’t need to be informative collateral, just something fun that inspires and excites attendees about the BSA Foundation.

On Sept 26th SMPS Boston members huddled around sketch pads and began tackling the challenge, sharing conceptual thinking, and getting feedback from the BSA Foundation. Sad you missed out? Don’t worry, there is still time to jump in on the fun!

BSA Foundation Image3BSA Foundation Image2

Here are a few key details to get you excited:

  • Frankly, I had no idea how many awesome things the BSA Foundation does. Their mission is pretty incredible and they run dozens of programs for the Greater Boston community each year. Download the ppt they put together for us at the bottom of this BSA Foundation website page to learn more about their programming and the fundraising breakfast.
  • There is no “cone of silence” between you and BSA Foundation now that the contest has begun. So go ahead and brainstorm, share your ideas, get feedback, iterate, design something epic! Feel free to bounce your ideas off of BSA Foundation’s Managing Director of Advancement Victoria McKay (email her at
  • The perks of winning include:
    • Recognition via a targeted email to Legacy Circle firms and others invited to the Foundation breakfast
    • Social media shout-outs from SMPS Boston and the BSA Foundation
    • Recognition in BSA Currents, @BSA Space newsletter, and the SMPS Boston eFlyer
    • Ticket to the Foundation breakfast
    • Recognition at the breakfast

And the logistics:

  • The contest is open until October 10th
  • The BSA Foundation should be able to produce your designed takeaway item for about $0.25/piece
  • SMPS members and non-members alike may submit, and you can submit as a team or as an individual (though not as a professional graphic design firm). And you’re not limited to one submission – the more good ideas, the better!
  • Check out the SMPS Boston event page for additional contest details and the BSA Foundation’s style guidelines.

October 10th is right around the corner so put on your creative thinking caps and get to work!



Elizabeth Musacchio


Elizabeth Musacchio, CPC is the Director of Marketing for ARC/ Architectural Resources Cambridge, a Boston-based architecture and interior design firm, and the Chair for SMPS-Boston’s Outreach Committee. She has over a decade of industry experience including positions in architecture, engineering, and construction management firms. Beth is also a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, specializing in presentation skills, effective communication, and leadership development.

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