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2018 Holiday Party

Please join SMPS Boston at the 2018 Holiday Party for Holiday Cocktails & Hors D’oeuvres!

Participate in the Clothing Drive Corporate Challenge! New for 2018 – BBBSF will pick up clothes from individual offices – No Need to bring bagged clothes to the party!

SMPS Boston/BBBSF Holiday Challenge
Join your fellow A/E/C firms this holiday season, in supporting Big Brother Big Sister Foundation (BBBSF) in an industry wide clothing drive.

As SMPS Boston celebrates our 10th year supporting BBBSF we invite you and your firm to take part in the SMPS/BBBSF Holiday Challenge.

How it Works:
1. Sign up now on the SMPS Boston website. If you sign up before 15 December 2017, BBBSF will create custom “bag tags” with your firm’s name. These tags will be attached to each bag of clothing when the items are picked up.

2. Reach out to your coworkers and ask them to donate any gently worn clothing and shoes during the month of December. BBBSF accepts clothing, shoes, and coats for adults, children and infants.

3. Schedule a pick up – just call or email:
Ken Higgins 774-776-7240 / (if emailing please cc: Steve Beck Plan to call or email a day or two ahead of time to schedule your pick up date. Remember when calling for a pick up, please mention that your firm is participating in the SMPS Holiday Challenge. All clothing pick-ups must be scheduled before 3 January 2018.

Important: If you notice that the donations are piling up quickly, you can schedule multiple pick-ups.

The Prizes:

First Prize: Big Brother Big Sister Foundation will award two Celtics Tickets (Game TBD) to the company that donates the most clothes (determined by weight).

Second Prize: $75 Amazon Gift Card Donated by SMPS Boston

Third Prize: Acknowledgement at the Holiday Party and bragging rights

Small Firm Prize: SMPS Boston will award a $100 Amazon Gift Card to the small firm (under 75 people) that donates the most clothes.

Ready to sign up?
Register now! Click HERE.

Need More Information?
Jennifer Tulipani
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (SGH)


  • lisa Frisbie,

    AGC MA

  • Sabrina Bauer,


  • Susan Shelby,

    Rhino PR

  • Sarah Hotchkiss,

    Commodore Builders

  • Michele Spiewak,

    Rhino PR

  • Mike Comtois,


  • Joe Barry,

    M+W Group

  • Pia Cardinali,

    CRJA-IBI Group

  • Shawn Vetere,

    Knollmeyer Building Corp

  • Sarah Eigen,


  • Martin Poutry,

    Sustainable Energy Analytics, Inc.

  • Sarah McGillicuddy,


  • Christine King,

    BETA Group, Inc.

  • Jennifer Tulipani,

    Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

  • Kate Beckman,

    Daniel O'Connell's Sons

  • Kimberly DiGiovanni,

    RDK Engineers, An NV5 Compamy

  • Alexandra Saccone,

    National Development

  • Karen Wilson,

    Sanborn Head & Associates Inc.

  • Michele Blair,

    Chapman Construction/Design

  • Abby Iorio,

    HLB Lighting Design

  • Jennifer Hegarty,


  • Chuck Raymond,

    Geosyntec Consultants

  • Jay Moskowitz,

    City Point Partners

  • Kristin Valente,

    Tsoi Kobus Design

  • Kristin Armitage,

    Elkus Manfredi Architects

  • Hilary Nieukirk,

    Shawmut Design and Construction

  • Cynthia Lewandowski,

    Vanderweil Engineers

  • Marsha Miller,

    Vanderweil Engineers

  • Brandy Kay,

    Vanderweil Engineers

  • Pamela Roscoe,

    Drummey Rosane Anderson

  • Maylin Pavletic,


  • Joel Perry,

    The Artcraft Company

  • Kara McLellan,

    Utile, Inc.

  • Anna Luciano,

    Nitsch Engineering

  • Laurie Strickland,

    Nitsch Engineering

  • Virginia Steigerwald,

    Nitsch Engineering

  • MaKayla Allena,

    Nitsch Engineering

  • Leena Kent,


  • Kelly Cohane,

    GEI Consultant, Inc.

  • Sarah Lekatsas,

    GEI Consultants Inc

  • Doug Aghjayan,

    GEI Consultants, Inc

  • Rebecca Roy,

    GEI Consultants, Inc.

  • Jessica Guyer,

    Finegold Alexander Architects Inc

  • Brittany Unis,

    Elkus Manfredi Architects

  • Suzanne King,

    Mass. Electric Construction Co.

  • Derek Leclerc,

    Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc.

  • Jennifer Tulipani,

    Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

  • Kaytee Casey,


  • Vanessa Schaefer,

    Clockwork Design Group

  • Corrin Wolf,

    Bala Consulting Engineers

  • Rebecca Maloney,


  • Jennifer Cheek,


  • dana kelly,

    Bruner/Cott Architects

  • Stephanie Salsman,

    Bruner/Cott Architects

  • Tracey O'Connor,


  • Abigail O'Gara,

    Walker Consultants

  • Tina D'Antonio,

    Commodore Builders

  • Kate Beckman,

    Daniel O'Connell's Sons, Inc.

  • Kelly Brolin,


  • Ken Sterritt,


  • Wendy Benson,

    Robert Benson Photography

  • Robert Benson,

    Robert Benson Photography

  • Chloe Louise Bouscaren,


  • Sarah Shields,

    Daltile Corporation

  • Emily Cotter,


  • Joanna Morlot,


  • Robert Rebholz,

    Next Level Promotions LLC

  • Elizabeth Musacchio,

    ARC/ Architectural Resources Cambridge

  • Andrea Tarpley,

    ARC/ Architectural Resources Cambridge

  • Theresa Palid,

    ARC/ Architectural Resources Cambridge

  • Maggie Meluzio,


  • Michael Reilly,

    Reilly Communications

  • Kate Beckman,

    Daniel O'Connell's Sons, Inc.

  • Sarah Hiers,

    Donnegan Systems, Inc.

  • Jo Oltman,

    Halvorson Design Partnership, Inc.

  • Katherine Shoss,

    The Bulfinch Companies, Inc.

  • Hannah Corderman,

    Corderman & Company, Inc.

  • Barrie Ferraro,

    Corderman & Company, Inc.

  • David Corderman,

    Corderman & Company, Inc.

  • Karen Euler,

    Abusheleih Euler Consulting

  • Eric Wright,

    Dakota DesignStaff, Inc.

  • Susan Evans,

    Dakota DesignStaff, Inc.

  • Carmela Giso,

    Dakota DesignStaff, Inc.

  • David Easterbrooks,

    Pare Corporation

  • Valerie Puchades,

    GUND Partnership

  • Nicole Rando,

    Search Consultant

  • John Audi,


  • Michael Sweeney,

    Design-product Systems

  • Amanda Barnard,

    Corderman & Company, Inc.

  • Kathleen Hunt,


  • Elena Lelchuk,

    Commodore Builders

  • Jessica Laskaris,


  • Grace Hagemann,

    Rider Levett Bucknall

  • Danielle Diforio,

    Clockwork Design Group

  • Timothy Downing,

    Design & Co., Inc.

  • Rachel Kirby,


  • Andrew Beaton,

    CDM Smith

  • Shannon Koop,


  • Jessica Darling,


  • Deana martin,

    BOND Brothers, Inc.

  • Nicole Buxton,

    BOND Brothers, Inc.

  • Kristen Bala,

    BOND Brothers, Inc.

  • Tiana Diaz,

    BOND Brothers, Inc.

  • Megan Whalen,

    HKT Architects

  • Ed DiSalvio, P.E.,

    HAKS Engineers

  • Chris Capullo,

    Nobis Engineering

  • mark guarino,

    guarino design

  • Allysn Bannen,

    HKT Architects

  • Jennifer Reid,

    New York Life

  • Jessica Cobbs,

    Bowdoin Construction

  • Michelle Blakemore-Faroni,

    Hereva Consultants

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