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2019 Summer Social

Don’t let your networking languish in the summer sun. Join us as we “SHAKE THINGS UP” at SMPS Boston’s Summer Social. See and be seen while you network with industry peers at our new venue: Tia’s on the Waterfront. Enjoy great views of the harbor while you sip on our signature SMPS cocktail or a beverage from the open bar! Nosh on some appetizers, enter to win raffle prizes, and simply kick back, relax, and have a little fun as the Boston Chapter celebrates our members and corporate sponsors.

Want to donate a raffle prize and have your firm be recognized? Contact: Abby Iorio,

SMPS Boston’s Annual Membership Drive is on for the week of this event – July 15 to July 19! Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of the $200 Chapter rebate and attend the Summer Social as a member. Just join SMPS between July 15 and July 19, email your receipt to, and receive your rebate check in the mail. Visit for more information.


  • Abigail Iorio,

    HLB Lighting Design

  • Sabrina Bauer,


  • Tonya Dooley,

    HLB Lighting Design

  • Rebecca Heavey,


  • Jennifer Tulipani,


  • Chuck Raymond,

    Geosyntec Consultants

  • Molly Sharry,

    HLB Lighting Design

  • Jamie Medeiros,

    HLB Lighting Design

  • Sam Elders,

    HLB Lighting Design

  • Kristie Norris,

    Greenman Pedersen

  • Kelly Cohane,

    GEI Consultants, Inc.

  • Rebecca Roy,

    GEI Consultants, Inc.

  • Sarah Hotchkiss,

    Commodore Builders

  • Suzanne King,

    Mass. Electric Construction Co.

  • Karen Wilson,

    Sanborn Head & Associates

  • Stephanie Tyll,

    Margulies Perruzzi

  • Troy Krause,

    CDM Smith

  • Ziomara Ayala,

    Howard Stein Hudson

  • Vanessa Schaefer,

    Clockwork Design Group Inc

  • Vanessa Schaefer,

    Clockwork Design Group Inc

  • Valerie Puchades,

    GUND Partnership

  • Jennifer Bentley,

    Peter Rose + Partners

  • Suzanne McCormack,

    Robert L McCormack Public Adjusters

  • Paul Garabedian,

    ELLANA Inc.

  • Paulina Villarroel Cruz,

    Available Light

  • Edward O'Rourke,

    Commodore Builders

  • Kaytee Casey,


  • Kelly Brolin,


  • Leena Kent,


  • Marissa Tofuri,

    Howard Stein Hudson

  • Kristin Valente,

    Tsoi Kobus Design

  • Emily Hartmann,

    Tsoi Kobus Design

  • Mike Kennedy,

    Gilbane Building Company

  • Emily Cotter,


  • Megan Murphy,

    PMA Consultants

  • Zoe Mervine,

    PMA Consultants

  • Hilary Nieukirk,

    Shawmut Design and Construction

  • Tracey O'Connor,


  • Sarah McGillicuddy,


  • Theresa Palid,


  • lisa Frisbie,

    AGC MA

  • Emily Gervais,

    Neoscape, INC.

  • Crystale Wozniak,


  • Sandra Halling,

    Halling Enterprises, LLC

  • Katelyn Vallery,

    PM Group

  • Zehra Mirzai,

    Sanborn Head

  • Sandy Kane,


  • Anna Luciano,

    Nitsch Engineering

  • Laurie Strickland,

    Nitsch Engineering

  • MaKayla Allen,

    Nitsch Engineering

  • Virginia Steigerwald,

    Nitsch Engineering

  • Ted Presume,

    Nitsch Engineering

  • Gary Pease,

    Nitsch Engineering

  • Stephen Jones,

    Building Envelope Specialists, Inc

  • Beatriz Lopez,


  • Kelly Auld,

    CRJA-IBI Group

  • Annie Langlois,


  • Christine Proscia,


  • Jim Berry,

    DPR Construction

  • Doreen Bennett,

    Baker | Wohl Architects, Inc.

  • Elizabeth Musacchio,


  • Marion Roosa,

    Habeeb & Associates Architects

  • Kristin Armitage-Chobot,

    Elkus Manfredi Architects

  • Melissa Shaffer,


  • Pia Cardinali,

    CRJA-IBI Group

  • Kathy Hunt,


  • David Easterbrooks,

    Pare Corporation

  • Rosie Shen,

    flansburgh architects

  • Michael Reilly,

    Reilly Communications

  • Kara McLellan,

    Utile, Inc.

  • Lindsay Accardi,


  • Michele Bogdan,

    Chapman Construction/Design

  • Caitlin Daniels,

    CBI Consulting, LLC

  • Susan Shelby,

    Rhino PR

  • Emily Cotter,


  • Ted Presume,

    Nitsch Engineering

  • Andrew Beaton,

    CDM Smith

  • Katelyn Vallery,

    PM Group

  • Jasmine Strout,

    Green Internatioal Affiliates, Inc.

  • Erica Cerjanec,

    Analogue Studio

  • Sarah Duval,


  • Jay Moskowitz,

    City Point Partners

  • John Lavoie,

    Finegold Alexander Architects

  • Michele Spiewak,

    Rhino Public Relations

  • Sabine Nordberg,

    Sabine Nordberg

  • Michael Friedman,

    HLB Lighting Design

  • Michael Tarricone,

    HLB Lighting Design

  • Katya Kovbasa,


  • Karyn Tirabassi,

    Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc.

  • Glenn DiBenedetto,

    Green Light N Go LLC

  • Emily Monteforte,

    Green International Affilates

  • mark guarino,

    Guarino Design

  • Daniel Mackey,

    Direct Binding & Printing Inc.

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