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2021 Summer Social

Time to close your laptop and join us IN PERSON for a fun summer social put on by the Membership and Special Events Committees. Reconnect with your SMPS pals and meet some new members! Enjoy some apps and drinks on us as a thank you for being amazing members during a crazy year.

Want to donate a raffle prize and have your firm be recognized? Contact:

Cancellation Policy: If you can no longer attend an event, we encourage you to find a substitution; substitutions are welcome at any time. Full refunds will be granted if cancellation is made 72 hours before the event’s start time. No refunds will be made for no-shows. Email for substitution or refund requests.

We use PayPal as our payment processor. However, you will have the option to use a credit card or debit card for payment. You do not have to have a PayPal account to register and pay for an event. When checking out you will have to choose PayPal as the payment method. However, on the next screen you’ll see the option to pay with a debit card or credit card.


  • lisa Frisbie,

    AGC MA

  • Valerie Puchades,

    GUND Partnership

  • Marissa Tofuri,

    Howard Stein Hudson

  • Suzanne King,

    Mass. Electric Construction Co.



  • Ziomara Ayala-Mendoza,

    Howard Stein Hudson

  • Kelly Brolin,

    CDM Smith

  • Hilary Nieukirk,

    Shawmut Design and Construction

  • Britt-Anya Bursell,


  • Jay Moskowitz,

    City Point Partners

  • Brittany Sampson,

    New England Lab

  • Julia Hoggins,


  • Staci Barber,


  • Amy Gusky,


  • Kristie Norris,


  • Allison Flood,

    Greenman-Pedersen Inc. (GPI)

  • Jessica Harris,

    C.E. Floyd Company

  • Kara McLellan,

    Utile, Inc.

  • Laura Murphy Badessa,

    BETA Group, Inc.

  • Ethan Olkovikas,

    Phase Zero Design

  • Molly Romano,

    Windover Construction

  • Nicole Buxton,

    BOND Building Construction, Inc.

  • Lateffa Curry,


  • Bill Scully,

    Green International Affiliates, Inc.

  • Doreen Bennett,

    BWA Architecture, Inc.

  • Andrew Beaton,

    CDM Smith

  • Emily Monteforte,

    Green International Affilates Inc.

  • PJ Roscoe,


  • Karen Wilson,

    Vantage Technology

  • John Benford,

    John Benford Photography

  • Britany Partridge,


  • Shanan Edwards,


  • Sarah Shields Duval,

    Daltile & Stone

  • PJ Roscoe, CPSM,


  • Lauren Martin,


  • Jennifer Tulipani Tulipani,


  • Courtney Wilson,

    Leers Weinzapfel Associates Architects, Inc.

  • Sarah Hotchkiss,

    Commodore Builders

  • Julie Brown,


  • Jennifer Tulipani,


  • Rebecca Maloney,

    RFS Engineering

  • Shelly Peckham,

    SP Strategic Marketing

  • Jo Oltman,

    Halvorson | Tighe & Bond Studio

  • edward ORourke,

    EH&E Inc

  • Arianna Ashby,


  • Kristin Armitage-Chobot,

    IBI Group

  • Christina Opper,

    CHA Consulting, Inc.

  • Alyssa Chatani,

    CHA Consulting, Inc.

  • Virginia Steigerwald,

    Nitsch Engineering

  • Lauren Hickey,

    Finegold Alexander

  • Anne Leahy,


  • Karyn Tirabassi,

    eClinical Solutions

  • Michael Reilly,

    Reilly Communications

  • Amanda Jacques,


  • Lori Chicoyne,

    BSC Group, Inc.

  • Johnathan Rivera,

    BSC Group, Inc.

  • John Audi,

    BSC Group, Inc.

  • Alecia Ferretti,

    BSC Group, Inc.

  • Nicole Brudner,

    BSC Group, Inc.

  • Becky Bozadjian,

    BSC Group, Inc.

  • Doug Early,

    United Civil, Inc.

  • Michael Krieger,

    Prime Marketing Experts

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