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ABX 2018: Discover Your Why to Develop Your Personal Brand

This ABX session is sponsored by SMPS Boston. New this year, SMPS Boston members get member pricing for all ABX sessions! Email us for the discount code. 

A personal brand gives you the ability to stand out in a sea of similar people. Your brand is your reputation. It’s your calling card. It’s what you’re known for and how people experience you. It’s about bringing who you are to what you do and how you do it. A positive personal brand encompasses the key traits that embody who you are, highlighting your best qualities such as problem solver, creative thinker, connector, dealmaker, or whatever matters most to you that you are capable of sustaining. Delivering your brand clearly will create a memorable experience, either positively or negatively. The easiest way to share your brand is to have something to say, when people ask, you tell them about yourself. You should already know how you would answer this question. Remember, you want the person to leave knowing your favorite traits about yourself, enough to get them interested in getting to know more about you. This session will take you through the key insights into how sharing your WHY connects people at a deeper level and will take you through exercises to develop your personal WHY and create your WHY driven elevator pitch.

About the Presenter: 

Jen Newman
CEO at Ignite Coaching & Consulting, LLC

As CEO of Ignite Coaching & Consulting, Jen Newman utilizes her 20 years of AEC specific experience to help firms across North America grow their people and profits. Whether you struggle with strategy, process, training or you lack the bandwidth to carry out your action plans, Jen can help. She has developed a reputation for helping firms improve processes, create better leaders, train and retain talent, increase brand loyalty, differentiate through client experience, and develop winning strategies that lead to successful firm growth through individualized recommendations, programs and services. Jen focuses on creating positive experiences for clients and employees, resulting in increased brand loyalty externally and internally. All along the way, she makes the process fun. To Jen, there is no greater satisfaction than helping others achieve their goals. Jen donates her time and talents to several non-profit organizations and is actively involved in the Society for Marketing Professional Services. Residing in Utah, Jen and her husband Derek love to travel and spend time with their family and friends.

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