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ABX 2018: Strategos – Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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With the acceleration of social media, how does marketing know if their strategies are working? Do you understand your AI data? If you are planning to build and launch an AE firm, growth is what you should be concerned with and prepared for. How exactly can you architect a strategy, without breaking the bank, while engaging with the community and building a Rockstar firm?

Practical strategic approaches with marketing data involves more than visualization or applying the latest MarTech tool. Relationship building, intuition, domain knowledge, and reasonable approximations can mean the difference between a successful campaign and a catastrophic failure. We’ll dive into best practices I’ve extracted from solving real marketing/BD problems like: turning strategic plans into actions, recalculating mid-trip, expanding social networks organically, turning problems into solutions, working backwards, and testing SEO advertising while contributing to society. We’ll explore real-world cases and expect active learning and social interaction.

With the constant changing environment of marketing/BD, we often get lost when marketing strategies fail in real-world situations. Drawing inspiration from the scientific method, statistical analysis techniques in engineering, and social justice, we will walk through examples that illustrate creative solutions and solve marketing problems with real proven data.

About the Presenter: 

Katie May Tucker
President and Senior Producer at KT did Marketing

Katie May Tucker is best known for her extensive expertise in executing strategic plans, and has an enormous desire to connect with people, fierce passion in forward thinking marketing solutions, and an enthusiastic devotion to corporate innovation by cultural change. In her 20+ years in the AE Industry, Katie has grown an Global Marketing and Media firm by developing relationships, shaping business plans and engaging in local community programs. She has been directly involved in all aspects of design projects, from designing high-end outdoor structures to building firms, with a track record of over 10,000+ individual projects throughout the US. Katie is deeply passionate for non-profit work and contributing to the Boston community. She serves as the Board of Directors, Marketing Chair for Smart from the Start; is an Ambassador and Media Director for GBIO (a Boston based advocacy organization) and has developed a strategic initiatives program that tackles social justice issues on a local level.

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