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ABX 2019: Don’t Trip on Your Way Down the Aisle – Start Your Merger Off Right

Julie Brown HeadshotMergers and acquisitions (M&As) tend to elicit anxiety from people in the corporate world, both from individuals at the companies being acquired and those doing the acquiring. As marketers, we are not immune to this anxiety, and are perhaps more aware than most of the challenges of successfully integrating two companies, but we should also be proud: mergers and acquisitions are often a sign of two well-marketed firms coming together in a strategic pursuit of growth. Companies with the financial wherewithal to buy other companies as a growth strategy are often able to do so because of the great marketing that’s led to their success. Similarly, those being acquired have garnered the attention of others based on their strong reputations, again due in large part to the vital work of their marketing teams. So, if you find yourself on either side of a merger or acquisition, nice going! That means you’ve done your job. But it also means there is a lot of work still left to do — work with which you may not be familiar.

Join moderator Julie Brown, Founder & President of JBBD, and panelists Mark Jussaume, PE, LEED, Principal, Office Director at SmithGroup, Jeff Birenbaum, Managing Director at Lehrer Cumming, and John Drennan, Sr. Vice President-Corporate Development, at Cumming, Inc., for this invigorating panel and your fear of M&As will disappear – you might even look forward to the opportunity to play a role in your company’s next deal.

Register for this workshop through ABX’s website. It’s session TH33 and can be found under Education Workshops.

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