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ABX: Creating Thought Leaders in the Marketplace

Join SMPS at ABX | Architecture Boston Expo | Dec. 2-3, 2020

As providers of professional services, we aren’t just selling our company—we are selling ourselves. The challenge is that most AEC professionals are uncomfortable with self-promotion. Yet, potential clients look you up online and form an opinion before they ever even meet with you.

While a client’s Google search may feel out of your control, there are actually things you can do to influence it and help craft your own image as a thought leader. Better yet, you can craft it in a way that is authentic and with limited time investment.

This session helps you get beyond the info on your bio page to become known for what truly makes you great. It teaches you how to influence what comes up when people search for you online and shares practical advice for improving your personal brand as a thought leader. (No Instagram celebrity status required.)

Presented by Cathy Hutchinson, CPSM, Vice President at Idibri in Addison, TX.

To register, click the Register button and search for the name of this event.

Learning Objectives:

  • Influence what comes up on the front page of an online search for your name.
  • Discover tips for crafting your image online.
  • Shape your message and write a bio that connects.
  • Discover ways to connect with your desired audience.


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