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ABX: Worth It! Five Strategies to Get the Fees You Deserve

Join SMPS at ABX | Architecture Boston Expo | Dec. 2-3, 2020

Do your clients fully appreciate the solutions (and value) you deliver? Do you work with only the best customers, for the best teams, and on the best projects –no bad apples? Do you always get the fees you truly deserve?


Though firm profitability is steadily rising in the design industry, architects and engineers still earn the lowest fees for professionals. And while many firms are busier than ever – still too many are missing a golden moment to help themselves – choosing better clients, raising fees, and elevating company and personal success. But there is hope! With a few core strategies, a handful of powerful secrets, and a little more courage – you and your team will be on the road to top firm status (with double profits). Please join this lively discussion of the five strategies you need – to get the price you deserve!

Presented by John D. Doehring, CMC, MBA, Managing Director at J. Doehring & Co., LLC, in Pepperell, MA.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Better understand the moment, and motivation for change right now: our shapeshifting, transformative, Fast Future world;.
  • Appreciate more why now is the perfect time to raise fees – and profitability;.
  • Uncover the five strategies (and tactics too) needed to increase project fees, improve results, and create lasting professional relationships;.
  • Deliver an action planning template you can use for action – and business success – today;.

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