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Designing Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

SMPS Boston is happy to support JLS Mailing Service and the US Postal Service as they put on the program “Designing Successful Direct Mail Campaigns”. Designing a postcard isn’t always as easy as it seems. First you need to create a nice eye-catching design and second, you need to meet all the requirements to make your design visible in the mail. It can be tough, so be sure to check out this event to learn on how you can design successful Mail Campaigns. At the end of the program, tour the first full Solar operated plant. See the latest in Postal Optical Character Readers and much more. Following the program and tour will be a cocktail hour next door at Santana’s Restaurant.
SPEAKERS: Dave Girard, Mail Design Analyst, US Postal Service           pcc-clear
Dave Girard has been with the Postal Service for over 31 years, starting as a letter sorting machine operator and automation  clerk. He moved into Business Mail Entry in 1999 becoming a mailpiece design analyst in 2007 first for the Southeast New England District and now for the Northeast Area. He has been a member of the technical training team for new MDAs at the National Center for Employee Development in Norman, Oklahoma for the last 4 years.

Mark Adams, Field Sales Representative, US Postal Service
Mark will demonstrate the latest tool from the US Postal Service: “Informed Delivery”.

Alaina Clark by April 12, 2018
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