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Career Development Networking

Inaugural Peer-to-Peer Coaching (P2PC) Network Event

The P2PC Network is an SMPS Boston Member-Only Benefit 

Mentorship is a critical component for professional success, but it can often be challenging to find a mentor and nurture this relationship—especially during a pandemic! Futhermore, some of the most seasoned marketers and business development professionals have revealed that their secret to success is cultivating a wide network of resources to tap when in need—not just one person.

As you move through your career, you will face a variety of challenges. If you’re lucky, you’ve got a handful of people around you that you can go to for guidance. But, if you’re new to the industry, taking on a new role, working on a challenging project, or simply need a fresh perspective—that’s where we come in!

SMPS Boston’s Peer-to-Peer Coaching (P2PC) Network is an evolution of our Mentorship Program and is much different than the traditional mentor-mentee model. Instead of the conventional one-on-one mentor/mentee relationship, your P2PC Network is here to bring you a wide network of resources, project-oriented coaching, and the opportunity to build personal relationships. Join us for the first SMPS Boston P2PC Network gathering as we discuss:

  • Adjusting to working from home and balancing work with family responsibilities and childcare
  • Working from home with little outside interaction
  • Starting with a New Team Virtually
  • Doing Business Development during COVID

The P2PC Network will gather quarterly to offer our members the opportunity to build professional skills, gain new perspectives, and build a network/relationships within the industry. If you have questions about the P2P Network or topics for discussion at a future event, please email the Director of Membership, Jessica Harris at



  • Jessica Harris,

    C.E. Floyd Company, Inc.

  • lisa Frisbie,

    AGC MA

  • Chuck Raymond,

    Weston & Sampson

  • Kim DiGiovanni,


  • Michele McDonald,

    Colburn Guyette

  • Molly Romano,

    Windover Construction

  • Laura Murphy Badessa,

    BETA Group, Inc.

  • Rebecca Heavey,

    Environmental Partners Group, Inc.

  • Abigail Iorio,

    HLB Lighting Design

  • Melissa Shaffer,


  • Kelly Brolin,

    CDM Smith

  • Hilary Nieukirk,

    Shawmut Design and Construction

  • Nicole Mitsakis,

    CM&B, Inc.

  • Catie McMenamin,

    C.E. Floyd Company

  • Susan Gray,

    Shawmut Design and Construction

  • Britt-Anya Bursell,


  • Paulina Villarroel Cruz,

    Available Light

  • Allison Flood,


  • Christine Bernard,

    Rider Levett Bucknall

  • Maria Salvatierra,

    Wilson Butler Architects


    Columbia Construction

  • Jenn Robertson,


  • Jay Moskowitz,

    City Point Partners

  • Shannon Koop,

    GEI Consultants

  • Sarah Gusky Kemer,


  • Stephanie Wilcinski,

    Nobis Group

  • Suzanne King,

    Mass. Electric Construction Co.

  • Pia Cardinali,

    IBI Placemaking

  • Kaylee Miller,


  • Sabrina Bauer,


  • Daymar Rosser,

    Western Builders

  • Alisa Ferreira,

    New England Construction

  • Kelly Stinnett,


  • Matt Hawk,

    Stantec Consulting Services Inc.

  • Andrew Beaton,

    CDM Smith

  • Gillan Wang,

    Form + Place

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