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Career Development Distinguished Speaker

Re-imagine Success: Finding the Joy in Your Journey with CJ McClanahan

Discover what’s possible when you focus on what’s most important.

CJ McClanahan’s research and 10,000 hours coaching hundreds of high-impact leaders led to an assessment called The Achiever’s Compass.  Today, most professionals experience more prosperity than at any other time in human history. But stress and anxiety are at an all-time high. Something is deeply wrong. More than 1,000 leaders in more than 20 industries responded and the results were staggering. More than 80% of professionals aren’t enjoying the journey. Every promotion and achievement leaves them feeling more overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be this way.

 Let’s Change the Conversation

The world is filled with thousands of “rah-rah” speakers pushing you to add a bunch of new skills so that you can achieve more money and recognition. As a keynote speaker, executive advisor and recovering overachiever, CJ challenges his audiences to redefine success on their own terms.

Let’s learn to Reimagine Success and focus on what really matters through living by two simple rules: Live Gratefully – Give Generously

How will this session help me to find the joy in my journey?

You will gain a clear understanding of what is leading to increased stress in your professional life.

  • Help you to clarify and determine a powerful, simple definition of success.
  • Proven tactics for helping to change your perspective and enhance your mental well-being.
  • Tips for reducing stress, beating burnout, and getting more joy from the professional journey.

To accompany this session, we encourage you to take CJ’s Achiever’s Compass Assessment. It takes just a few minutes, and these 20 questions will help you find your purpose in life. Reprogram your perspective to enhance your mental health. Shift your priorities to ensure that meaningful relationships are at the center of your life. Because your best life starts TODAY!

About the Speaker:

CJ McClanahan is a sought-after speaker, author and executive coach. Since 2003, he’s spent more than 10,000 hours in front of entrepreneurs, executives and their teams helping them to achieve record sales and profits. A few years after starting his coaching firm, CJ noticed that no matter how much success his clients achieved, very few ever seemed to truly enjoy the journey. It didn’t matter if they doubled their income or became CEO – it never seemed to be enough. CJ’s latest book, The Overachievers Dilemma, lays out a proven strategy to help overachievers get more satisfaction and joy in their lives while still achieving all their professional goals.

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