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Virtual Book Club: Blind Spot: The Hidden Biases of Good People

Not enough time to attend an in-person SMPS book club? Feeling too much pressure to remember everything you read? Join the SMPS Boston Education Committee on Slack for this virtual book club!

Sign up to “attend” our book club, SMPS will send you copy of the book (hard copy or e-book), and then you will receive an invite to our #bookclub Slack channel. We will host a live discussion of the book via Slack starting May 15. Respond to the discussion questions, share your thoughts on the book, or pose your own questions on how to jump-start your creative brain for a more productive and successful career.

This book club will be reading Blind Spot: The Hidden Biases of Good People by Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony G. Greenwald. As the readers explore hidden biases that we all carry from a lifetime of exposure to cultural attitudes, the authors will reveal the science of how well-intentioned people (“good people”) can achieve and alignment between their behavior and intentions.

SMPS will be offering physical and e-book copies to participants.


Amazon reviews: “Accessible and authoritative . . . While we may not have much power to eradicate our own prejudices, we can counteract them. The first step is to turn a hidden bias into a visible one. . . . What if we’re not the magnanimous people we think we are?”The Washington Post

“Conversational . . . easy to read, and best of all, it has the potential, at least, to change the way you think about yourself.”—Leonard Mlodinow, The New York Review of Books



  • Kristin Armitage,

    Elkus Manfredi Architects

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    Resource Options, Inc.

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    GUND Partnership

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    Group One Partners

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  • Doreen Bennett,

    Baker | Wohl Architects, Inc.

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  • Ziomara Ayala-Mendoza,

    Howard Stein Hudson

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    Mass. Electric Construction Co.

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    CDM Smith

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    Horsley Witten Group

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    Robert L. McCormack Public Adjusters, Inc.

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