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Webinar: Demystifying Google Analytics – How to Understand and Utilize Marketing Metrics

SMPS Boston offers free screenings of marketing webinars provided through the SMPS National platform—a $199 value! Join us at Nitsch Engineering for a screening of “Demystifying Google Analytics,” and increase your technical savvy.

You can’t fix what you don’t measure. Often businesses ignore and misinterpret analytics data that has the potential to make major impact. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the task at hand and checking it off the list, letting its analytics and ROI go unnoticed.

During this webinar, our presenter will show us how to utilize Google Analytics to improve conversion, search optimization, and engagement. Beyond just what features exist, we’ll dive into the why and how so that you can use analytics in an impactful way for your better online marketing—and for your organization.


Session Learning Objectives

It’s time to prove your case and discover opportunities to drive ROI.

During this webinar, attendees will:

  • Understand what metrics are impactful, what metrics are misleading, and how to organize your KPIs to create greater value
  • Learn how to use audience metrics and benchmarking
  • Understand acquisition to define how visitors are finding you and what the information means
  • Explore online experiments to be able to get concrete insights into what works on your site and what doesn’t
  • Discover other analytics tools to help expand your understanding of how to increase conversion and engagement

Andy Halko
CEO, Insivia

Andy Halko founded Insivia in 2002 after graduating from John Carroll University.  For over 15 years, he has grown the strategic consulting & digital business firm to 20-plus employees, working with middle-market and fortune 500 companies around the country. Primarily focused on commercial real estate and A/E/C companies, Insivia drives lead generation, employee engagement and customer communications. Halko has been featured in several national publications and NBC Nightly News, while being a keynote speaker and an avid volunteer who has helped to grow entrepreneurial communities.


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  • Lisa Ambler,

    Group One Partners

  • Pamela Roscoe,

    Drummey Rosane Anderson

  • Laura Player,

    Windover Construction

  • Doreen Bennett,

    Baker | Wohl Architects, Inc.

  • Valerie Puchades,

    GUND Partnership

  • Beverly Quinn,

    Freudenheim Partners

  • Molly Canfield,

    Wise Construction

  • Brittany Unis,

    Elkus Manfredi Architects

  • Emily Bauernfeind,

    Elkus Manfredi Architects

  • Chuck Raymond,

    Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.

  • Amanda Hanley,

    LDa Architecture & Interiors

  • Lauren Carter,

    LDa Architecture & Interiors

  • lisa Frisbie,

    AGC MA

  • Suzanne King,

    Mass. Electric Construction Co.

  • Emily Hartmann,

    Tsoi Kobus Design


    Groom Construction

  • Amy Gusky,

    21 East St

  • Kristina Cannon,

    BSC Group, Inc.

  • Lorna Martin,

    BSC Group, Inc.

  • Aine Lunney,

    BSC Group, Inc.

  • Karin Holvik,


  • Kate Brannelly,

    Raths, Raths & Johnson, Inc.

  • Anthony Vinciguerra,


  • Frances Fleming,


  • David Easterbrooks,

    Pare Corporation

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