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Favorite Five: Developing Your Career

Happy March! This month’s Favorite Five is brought to you by the letter I – for inspiration. After attending an event from SMPS – Recommit to Your Role, I was inspired to look into some ways to make the most out of my career.

  1. Want a promotion? These 4 habits are more powerful than talent by Stephanie Vozza – Fast Company

Stephanie gives some great advice on how to make yourself more valuable at your company. One of the big items I like is the idea of tackling hard stuff early in the day, so you can coast in the afternoon with easier tasks. It also sets your mind up to be able to relax after work.

  1. If you never feel like you’ve done enough, try these 3 things by Stephen Altrogge-Rescuetime

We have plans of what we need to accomplish in the day, but unless you’re working remotely 100% of the time, distractions will come up. If you’ve had “productivity shame”, Stephen Altrogge provides some ways to overcome that. One big items is separating your own worth from your productivity – you need to create your own definition of “being enough”.

  1. 8 Tips for Accelerating Your Career by Dawn Castell –

There are some great tips here to help keep you sharp in your job – this includes attending seminars (we have so many on the events page!) or even mentoring newcomers (check out our mentorship program!)

  1. 45 Pieces of Career Advice That Will Get You to the Top –

There are so many great tidbits in here like the 80/20 rule – 80% of the impact can be done with 20% of the work. It’s the last 20% that takes up the most time. Additionally, keep in mind that everyone you meet could be a door to a new opportunity. I actually ended up in my position today because of being on an SMPS committee!

  1. Before you accept that job offer, do this to negotiate salary by Stephanie Vozza – Fast Company

If you’re ready to make a move (have you seen our job openings?), make sure you do your research on salary and benefits. Websites like payscale and glassdoor can help, but SMPS also has the annual salary survey. There are items other than salary you can negotiate on like titles, work schedule flexibility, or the ability for an earlier review to reassess salary and benefits. One good thing to keep in mind is the location of your potential employer. You’re likely not going to see as competitive a salary in the suburbs than you will in a major city.


Kristie Norris is a Proposal Manager who enjoys theatre as a both a performer and audience member, horseback riding, and occasionally lifting kettlebells. She is a contributor for the Favorite Five blog series and a member of the Communications and Professional Development Committees.

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