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Favorite Five: Ethical PR

  1. Let George Orwell’s 1984 be an ethics lesson for the PR sector by Iain Anderson

Modern day Marketing and Communication degrees include curriculum heavy on Public Relations and its ethical implications in society. As a Communications Manager, someone who is in charge of the messages being put forward by your company, it is always good to keep in mind the principals that Anderson discusses in this article. “For businesses, there is an important question every company should be asking right now: is the governance right around my own communications? … For your messenger holds your corporate reputation in firmly in their hands.”

  1. When Copy Loves Itself Too Much by Jason Fox

Ever get caught up on the words to use when trying to convey a message? From ad copy to proposal writing, we marketers sometimes can spend our time spinning our wheels trying to write something for ourselves that we can be proud of that is innovative and cutting edge rather than creating a clear and concise message that the reader can not only understand but be persuaded by. Don’t fall into these egotistical writing mistakes detailed by Fox.

  1. How to Avoid Being a Jerk in the Workplace by Melissa Lamson

If you’re like me, you want to put your best foot forward during all professional interactions and practice self-reflection daily as a good measure. Check yourself before you wreck your professional self, and don’t be a jerk at work.

  1. With Just 2 Words, Uber’s New CEO Showed How to Handle a Crisis Masterfully by Bill Murphy Jr.

Unfortunately, we can’t all be our perfect selves 100% of the time, and sometimes marketers and companies make mistakes. They key is to take responsibility for those mistakes, apologize to those who you have hurt, and make an action plan that shows your sincerity. Take a hint from Uber’s new CEO who issued a global apology emphasizing the ways in which the company has made mistakes. Pobody’s nerfect after all.

  1. 5 Ways to Get People to Respond to Your Email by Jayson DeMers

Often times marketers can find themselves playing the role of project manager when their duties include gathering deliverables that are necessary for a submission. One proposal may call for you to partner with several different departments to obtain the necessary information. A key to gathering this information quickly and efficiently is by emailing those who are responsible for sending you proposal information. However, many of us may find that the people at our firms rarely if ever answer our emails the first time around and we often must follow up with a phone call or in person. Here are some strategies to get better responses to your emails the first time, allowing you to get all of your proposal pieces more quickly.

Kaytee Casey


Kaytee Casey is a Marketing Communications Coordinator who enjoys reading the classics, taking graphic design classes, and exploring the beautiful city of Boston. Every month, she compiles her favorite five links from the last 30 days in a series we call, very creatively, Favorite Five!

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