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Favorite Five: Haters and Data Points

  1. Seven Fascinating Stats HubSpot Research Uncovered in 2017 by Sarah Williams

In 2017, researchers from HubSpot analyzed thousands of data points gathered from consumers to top-level executives and assembled the following article highlighting just some of their preferences. These statistics, like the rise of voice search, will be influential in how us marketers reach our audiences in 2018. My favorite finding from this report is that we are wasting more time managing our time management applications, up to an hour a day amongst 82% of those surveyed!

  1. How to Turn Haters into Fans and Fans into Brand Ambassadors by Aytekin Tank

“Companies can try and convince users of the value of their product; but nothing carries as much weight as the words of people who aren’t paid to say them.”

  1. Why Brands Will Go To Extremes Lengthwise – With Digital Video In 2018 by Kayla Matthews

As we all wind down from sending out our Holiday Videos, we can recognize that video length and the messages associated rarely vary. Whether your brand is attempting to capitalize on the lengthier video in order to show deeper meaning, or you’re going to perfect the less-than-10-second slot that can be used across platforms, video will be an essential tool in your marketing artillery in 2018. This article shows a breakdown of the best ways marketers used video to convey their message and the associated results that they saw.

  1. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, And Mark Cuban Consume 50 Books A Year (More Or Less). Here Are 8 You Need To Read in 2018 by Leigh Buchanan

As an admitted book addict, I read types of articles a few times a week, adding to the monstrous stack of yet-unreads in my Goodreads account and on my bookshelves. However, this one from Inc actually piqued my interest as having a very unique collection that is relevant to the business questions we are all asking in 2018. Calling up the amazon page for Thinking in Bets as we speak…

  1. Study: Super Bowl Advertisers See Sustained Post-Game Sales Boost by Erica Sweeney

For your friend that doesn’t believe advertising works. There’s a reason a single 30-second spot during the Super Bowl costs more than $4 million. #showthereceipts

Bonus: In case you need a refresher on free speech and libel laws

Kaytee Casey


Kaytee Casey is a Marketing Communications Coordinator who enjoys reading the classics, taking graphic design classes, and exploring the beautiful city of Boston. Every month, she compiles her favorite five links from the last 30 days in a series we call, very creatively, Favorite Five!

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