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Favorite Five: Jackpot

  1. How to Write Well: 10 Timeless Rules From Legendary Ad Exec David Ogilvy by Eddie Shleyner

The perpetual goal marketers are tasked with is how to write compelling and persuasive copy. According to Ogilvy, “The better you write, the higher you will go.” He sent out a memo to his management team in 1982 detailing 10 keys to writing well. This article is one of my favorites, simplifying Ogilvy’s 10 rules, and I have it bookmarked so I can go back as needed.

  1. Facebook Rated the Most Important Social Platform for Marketers by Marketing News

I found this article surprising simply because every marketing team I have been apart of has really emphasized the importance of LinkedIn and website development more so than Facebook. Perhaps the platforms which marketers need to focus on depends upon the industry they are in… Regardless, this article reports interesting statistics and highlights some of the pitfalls that most come across when trying to leverage social media.

  1. The Greatest Sales Pitch I’ve Seen All Year by Andy Raskin

Here Raskin breaks down Drift CEO David Cancel’s presentation at OpenView’s Boston headquarters in a detailed yet digestible manner. The framework that Raskin lays out can help craft a customer-centric narrative. Want to get your client to “the Promised Land”? Definitely, check this one out.

  1. The Pitfalls of Persuasive Design by Maya Frai

One of the better arguments made by a designer on the ‘slot machine’ effect that refreshing our social media pages achieves. In this short but sweet article, Frai makes the point that although we as marketers and designers need to change behaviors of our target audiences, we have to be aware that we could be changing their behavior for the worse in the form of creating bad habits. She says it best here, “If a designer’s intention is to persuade a user to change their behavior, they should still allow them to return to their original ways. If users are powerless, designers are not doing their job.”

  1. Here Are 14 Facebook and Instagram Ads that Russian Trolls Bought to Divide Americans by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Are you (still) trying to make sense of the how Russia was trying to influence the election by purchasing ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Me too. This article gives a few examples of exactly what these accounts been posting.


Kaytee Casey is a Marketing Communications Coordinator who enjoys reading the classics, taking graphic design classes, and exploring the beautiful city of Boston. Every month, she compiles her favorite five links from the last 30 days in a series we call, very creatively, Favorite Five!

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