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Favorite Five: Keeping Up with Trends

It’s important in the constantly changing marketing landscape to stay abreast of the current trends. This month’s favorite five is taking a dive into marketing trends of 2019 spanning delivery methods, design, and content.

  1. 11 Trends That Will Shape Marketing In 2019 by Forbes Agency Council

First off, Forbes has a great list of 2019 marketing delivery trends you should check out. Some highlights include a growth in quality content marketing vs quantity; AI-driven personal experiences; more integration across online, social, and mobile marketing; and embracing humanity to connect with audiences.

  1. The 8 Biggest Graphic Design Trends of 2019 by Ryan McCready

Knowing what your content will be is only half the equation, but the design of that content could make or break your campaign. Some highlights for trends this year include futuristic influences, colorful minimalism, and a return to hand drawn illustrations.

  1. 10 Social Media Trends That Will Matter Most in 2019 by Danny Goodwin

In order to survive today, a company, no matter its market, can no longer ignore social media if it hopes to thrive. Danny Goodwin has some great insights into social media trends. Some of these overlap the general trends from Forbes, but one of the biggest trends I want to point out is Video, particularly through live video, vertical video (perfect for scrolling on Instagram!) and interactive video. Another is harnessing the power of your employees for employee-created content. As the listicle states, “Employee-created content receives eight times more engagement than content shared from the company itself. In addition, employee content extends brand messaging by over 500%.”

  1. Top 15 Web Design Trends from Graphic Design Junction

We’re seeing some overlap here from the general Graphic Design trends including illustrations and bright colors. Utilizing symmetry in unexpected ways can draw the audience in and keep your potential client on the page long enough to check out other offerings. As our attention spans decrease, we’re also going to see an increase in animated elements.

  1. Why Performance Metrics Isn’t Always the Best Way to Judge Performance by Jerry Z Muller-Aeon

When evaluating the success of marketing campaigns, most of us turn to metrics. However, if your job relies on the performance of just the metrics, you or your company could be in for some negative side-effects, such as a “teaching to the test” way of approaching future campaigns and stifling creativity.

Kristie Norris


Kristie Norris is a Proposal Manager who enjoys theatre as a both a performer and audience member, horseback riding, and occasionally lifting kettlebells. She is a contributor for the Favorite Five blog series and a member of the Communications and Professional Development Committees.

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