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Favorite Five: Self-Care

As a I write this at my desk hopped up on cold medicine, I thought it would be a good time to remind people about self-care, particularly in this busy season – do what I did not. Deadlines don’t change because you’ve got a cold, so the best thing to do is take care of yourself before it becomes a problem.

  1. 9 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care This Week by Kristine Thomason

Prepare yourself before you get sick!

  1. How to Practice Self-Care Without Feeling Selfish by Kristi Palma

A few things to keep in mind when implementing self-care, like learning to say no or taking the time to put yourself first.

  1. Self-Care is Slippery, Confusing and Necessary for Creativity by Tahirah Edwards-Byfield

We’re in a creative market that demands excellence – it can’t be provided if you’re feeling burnt out or sleep deprived!

  1. How to Work When You Feel Like Crap by Steve Tobak

Steve has a number of tips on how to go about work when you do have a cold or flu.

  1. Bracing for Amazon, Walgreens Launches Next Day Drug Delivery with FedEx by Bruce Jasper

If you catch something more severe, next day delivery will soon be available from Walgreens for your prescription, to get a jump start on competition from Amazon’s acquisition of PillPack.

Kristie Norris


Kristie Norris is a Proposal Manager who enjoys theatre as a both a performer and audience member, horseback riding, and occasionally lifting kettlebells. She is a contributor for the Favorite Five blog series and a member of the Communications and Professional Development Committees.

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