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Favorite Five: Social Media Trends

I’ve been pretty fascinated by social media this past month and wanted to delve into some interesting news/tips for my Favorite Five.

  1. On Social Media, Sell Your Brand, Not Your Stuff by Lee Simmons

“Eyeballs didn’t equal engagement” is a great takeaway from this article. When we think about how we incorporate social media into our marketing plans, we have to think about how to engage our audiences beyond likes. You need to build the whole brand to encourage long-term loyalty and this is done through engagement. From the research conducted, “When it [a firm’s social media] uses what we call ‘brand-personality’ content–essentially, when it talks to users in ways that simulate a human being–it gets lots of engagement.”

  1. 10 Instagram Photo Editing Trends Every Marketer Should Know in 2019 by Michelle Cyca

Instagram sees user post over 95 million photos each day. To make your posts stand out, check out the current trends that will catch your audience’s eye.

  1. Facebook’s Developing New Link and Mention Stickers for Facebook Stories by Andrew Hutchinson

If you utilize Facebook Stories, new features are coming out include the ability to insert links and mention others to boost your engagement or drive traffic to your website.

  1. Spotify’s New Soundtrap for Storytellers Makes it Even Easier to Start that Podcast by Melissa Locker

I’ve thought how Podcasting could be the future of thought leadership, and now there’s an even easier way to incorporate it. Spotify purchased a Swedish online music collaboration start up in 2017 and through it will make tools available for podcasters to tell their stories. The software will allow users to us multiple voices for interviews or conversations, has features for transcription, and even helps publish the show.

  1. YouTube’s Adding New Still Image Ads by Andrew Hutchinson

Even if you haven’t broken into video marketing, you now have the ability to get in front of those users through YouTube with still image ads.


Kristie Norris is a Proposal Manager who enjoys theatre as a both a performer and audience member, horseback riding, and occasionally lifting kettlebells. She is a contributor for the Favorite Five blog series and a member of the Communications and Professional Development Committees.

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