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Favorite Five: Tips to Optimize Your Firm’s LinkedIn Page

  1. Have a concise headline with branded keywords. This isn’t just for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, but also so people can quickly understand what your firm does.
  2. Encourage employees to follow your firm’s page and engage with your social media posts. This can dramatically boost your organic impressions and engagement rate on LinkedIn. When an employee engages a post by liking, commenting, or sharing, it can appear in the newsfeeds of people in their network—therefore expanding the number of eyes and potential interactions on your social media posts.
  3. Tag your employees in your posts. If you’re posting about someone winning an award or receiving a promotion, LinkedIn is the social media network where they should be tagged. This ensures that that individual will see and (hopefully) interact with the post and so will their network. It also gives an opportunity for employees to feel recognized and congratulated for their hard work.
  4. Publish useful content! Consistently reinforce your firm’s expertise and what you have to offer by blogging or sharing white papers. Consistency will lead to recognition as a resource or a thought leader.
  5. Engage with other content from prospects, clients, and industry influencers. Commenting on a client’s post or sharing their post can gain you visibility to their network.


Allison Flood is the Assistant Proposal Manager at GPI in Wilmington, MA. She also serves as the Public Relations Liaison on the Communications Committee for the SMPS Boston Chapter.

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