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Favorite Five: Ways to Reset

Feeling unmotivated? Bombarded with deadlines? Experiencing cabin fever? Here are some (mostly small) steps that I like to take when I feel like I’m about to hit the proverbial wall and am in need of a professional or personal reset: 

Decluttering: Clutter can negatively impact your stress and productivity levels. To feel the positive effects of decluttering, you do not have to do a complete overhaul of your living space—you can start small by recycling (or shredding) papers you no longer need, organizing your email inbox, or going through a basket you (or your kids) haven’t touched in months.

To be more earth-friendly over the last few months, I have been using Facebook Marketplace, my local Buy Nothing group, donation bins, or pick-ups to give my clothing and household items a second life instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Goal Setting: Okay, new year’s resolutions may be passé or unrealistic, but there’s something to be said about crushing your personal goals on your own timeline. There are many apps out there to help track your progress or discover new trends.

  • Want to read more?  I recently restarted using GoodReads to track the books I’ve been reading and to discover what to read next. 
  • Want to exercise more or change up your routine? You can track your progress using step counts on your phone or smartwatch. Many companies also offer wellness apps like Virgin Pulse or Go365 as part of their benefits packages that have incentives for tracking your health habits. 
  • Looking to try something new without holding yourself to a year-long commitment? Try a 30-day (or shorter) on the internet like this wallet-friendly video series like this 30-day yoga journey.

Scheduling fun: In pandemic times we may not be able to schedule grand vacations or large friend/family gatherings, but it’s important to have things to look forward to. This looks different for everyone—it could be an evening of screen-free puzzling or board games, a designated family take-out and movie night, or a day trip to check out New England staples like the Ice Castles in NH or the Cape Cod National Seashore

Getting Creative: One of my favorite ways to reset is to find a creative outlet or activity. Feeling unmotivated to go grocery shopping? Try typing the odds and ends of your fridge and pantry into a website like RecipeLand (or just straight into Google) and try your hand at a new recipe while also reducing food waste. Or if you’re looking to schedule something fun from the section above, look into a craft set or activity online—my sister and I recently had a DIY candle-making night with this kit.

 Learning: Change your week up from the same old, same old by seeking out new learning experiences. Whether you’re learning the latest shortcuts in InDesign, you’ve been taking a deep dive into the crazy world of the stock market and R/WallStreetBets, scouring TikTok for life hacks, or you’re catching up with your child’s knowledge of dinosaurs—there’s no shame in your game.

One of the best parts about learning is sharing. Come across a poignant webinar or article about marketing trends? Share it with your team or set up a time where you can watch it together virtually. Stuck with what to watch, listen to, or read next at home?  Reach out to your friends and family for their latest recommendations. 


Kelly Brolin is an event planning, storytelling, and social media enthusiast. She is a Senior Marketing Coordinator at CDM Smith and serves on both the SMPS Boston Special Events and Communications committees.

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