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Presidential Thoughts: Make It Happen!

Welcome to 2019-2020 – the year to “Make It Happen!” Why this theme, aside from everything already being 2020 vision saturated? Well, for one thing, it is way fancier than “get’er done.”

In all seriousness, this theme came about as a result of discussions during the first day of our chapter’s Strategic Planning this summer. SMPS CEO Michael Geary joined us in July and we spent a good portion of our time discussing SMPS’ 2017-2020 Strategic Plan and how HQ is taking the necessary actions to aid (insert your name here) achieve your professional development and growth goals.

Knowing that we need to demonstrate the value we provide to firm leaders, including the role that SMPS plays in our growth, SMPS is taking the actions necessary to make it happen through thought-provoking programming. They want members to have a consistent, high-quality experience across the country, regardless of chapter size, so they are rolling out the organizational structure, branding, and trainings to Make It Happen. They are constantly communicating the value through networking, social media, emails, and national publications and conferences, and getting seen and heard by our leaders in the A/E/C industry. Finally, they are interacting with us at our events and making sure we know they are there for us and ready to jump in and help us accomplish our goals.

Past president, Valerie Puchades, CPSM, asked us to Shake Things Up last year – and we did and will continue to do that because it’s how we keep growing. Marketers and Business Development folks make things happen every day. We wear many hats, stepping up to work on special projects, staying late to finish pre-qualifications, proposals, or putting finishing touches on an interview presentation. We come up with creative and innovative solutions, sometimes with less than 30 minutes to get a project out the door. We spend hours on website text, researching the next big market or opportunity, and many hours networking. We get stuff done.

This year we have some exciting changes coming, including our new Fall Night Out and significantly increasing our presence at ABX. This year we are primed to help our members Make It Happen!


Suzanne King, CPSM is the Marketing Manager at Mass. Electric Construction Co. and Past President of SMPS Boston.

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