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Presidential Thoughts: Our Mission. Your Future.

As I step into my role as the 2020/2021 Boston Chapter President, I find myself reflecting on what we have accomplished that has positioned us as the leading chapter in the country and how we maintain that momentum through one of the most challenging periods in history.

To say Chapter leadership has played a critical role in that success is putting it lightly. I follow in the footsteps of the most highly regarded professionals in the industry. The pressure is on.

So instead of looking back, I look forward. I look forward to working with a board that is passionate and committed. I look forward to disrupting the norm and I look forward to advocating for our industry and all of you.

How does our theme get conceptualized each year? (you ask) Lots of sleepless nights! In all earnestness, it comes from the heart and soul of every Chapter President and we take it very seriously. The theme sets the tone and direction for the year, essentially capturing our goals in four words or less. No easy task.

Our Mission. Your Future. Our core values are to continue to deliver the tools and resources you need to grow your career and business. Does this year look different? Yes, but we see it as an opportunity!

Virtual technology has opened the door to bring you expert speakers from all over the country. It has also eliminated travel, traffic, and time frame limitations. Networking has not gone away; it has just taken on a new form. You can expect to see lots of opportunities in 2020/2021 to make those connections and expand your network.

I will admit the Disney Brand played a role in this year’s theme design. (for those who know me that is no surprise!) The secret behind Disney’s success is focusing first and foremost on the guest experience. We promise that each time you engage with SMPS (virtually or live) it will bring both personal and organizational value every time. Your future counts on it.

I could not be more honored to serve this year as your President-the opportunities are endless.


For the past 5 years, Lisa’s role as Director of Business Development and Marketing at AGC MA has been to increase AGC’s engagement and relevance with member CM’s, GC’s, Subcontractors, and Service Providers by implementing and overseeing innovating new communications and social media strategies & tools. She oversees public relations for and marketing of all Chapter news, and develops and implement educational and informational events, programs and activities through the chapter committees. Lisa is currently serving as President of SMPS Boston and has a BA in International Marketing from the University of Phoenix and and MS in Business and International Marketing from Boston University.

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