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Five Tips for Working from Home

Most of us have either been forced to stop working or to work from home (if you have the capability) in order to practice social distancing during the Coronavirus Pandemic. If you’re like me, I have never worked from home for this long of a time and this brings new challenges to how I will accomplish my daily tasks and projects. I talked to several of my colleagues to figure out how they were managing this change—how were they able to get their work done? How were they able to stay sane?!

Through my conversations, I found that most folks followed these five tips:

  1. Keep your routine

Wake up at the same time that you usually do to help keep your schedule the same. Getting out of your pajamas and into work clothes (as if you were going to work) helps you get in the headspace to focus on work.

  1. Make your office space/set ground rules

Pick a spot in your home where you will be able to limit distractions. If you have roommates, set ground rules about when you’re available vs. when you need to be left alone to pay attention to your work.

  1. Get outside and moving!

Typically, when you go to the office, you walk to your mode of transportation (car, train or bus), walk into your building, walk around the office and to your desk. Working from home eliminates all of those steps that you’d usually take. Take the time to go for a couple of brief walks throughout the day to keep your body moving and healthy.

  1. Make sure you socialize

It’s easy to feel lonely and isolated when you’re working from home. Whether you use Skype, Teams or Slack, try to chat with your coworkers at some point during the day as you would in the office.

  1. Take Breaks

If you sit in the same chair and haven’t left that spot all day, it’s easy to get stale. Try breaking up your day by stepping away from your workspace entirely. Do something else to keep your mind fresh!

Stay safe and healthy while you work from home!


Allison Flood is the Assistant Proposal Manager at GPI in Wilmington, MA. She also serves as the Public Relations Liaison on the Communications Committee for the SMPS Boston Chapter.

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