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I Get By With a Little Help from My SMPS National Resources

As A/E/C marketers we’ve got a lot going on. We are so focused on balancing work deadlines, that we forget how important it is to stay up-to-date on best practices and marketing tactics to help put our best foot forward. As members of the Boston Chapter, we are regularly given valuable resources and tools to help us both personally and professionally. But, let’s not forget where we come from! SMPS National has hundreds of resources available to SMPS members, which in the day-to-day, many of us don’t think to take advantage of. From publications to presentations, SMPS’ Marketing Resource Center offers us an untapped source of knowledge that can elevate us to the next level. Below are just some of the many resources available to view and download.

Career Resources

If you’re a director or manager who’s looking to for a new hirefor their marketing team, writing a job description can be a daunting task to add to your growing list of to-dos. Under Career Sources, there is an entire subsection with templates for various job descriptions. This can be a useful tool to give you a starting point on advertising for a new role, and help you move the hiring process along quickly.

Sample Documents

Whether you’re looking for a way to spruce up current proposals or forms, or to implement a new worksheet for your marketing campaigns, there are endless sample documents you can use for inspiration. In the A/E/C world, proposals are a large part of how we market ourselves and win work. It never hurts to freshen the format from time-to-time to keep your firm’s proposals standing out from the competition. This database of sample documents can help you stay on task with checklist templates and inspire you to add new and innovative elements to your marketing proposals and collateral.

CPSM Study Tools

Our chapter does an amazing job at providing local members with the resources they need to become a CPSM. But a little extra help can never hurt! The CPSM Study Tools section provides a way for potential CPSMs to better prepare for the test. The mock test with an answer key is a great way to assess your current knowledge and gauge which sections you may need to study a bit more. Becoming a CPSM can be an intimidating challenge but using the national and local resources can make a huge difference in how you get ready for the exam.

Lunchtime Learning Labs

If you didn’t know, SMPS National offers a free lunchtime learning lab each month to members. These webinars cover a wide-range of topics and provide marketers with the motivation to learn new skills and continue to grow in their personal and professional lives. Sometimes we just get too busy and can’t attend – but, fear not! SMPS has various archived lunchtime labs to view and download. Whether you just want to take a look at the handout or listen to the entire presentation, there are multiple ways to absorb these webinars. Presented byhighly regarded professionals in the A/E/C world, these are a valuable resource and give marketers valuable insight from different points of view.

These are just some of the amazing resources SMPS National offers to their members and we should all be taking advantage. Make sure to add it as a bookmark on your browser and use it when you need some inspiration! You can see all the resources available here: Marketing Resource Center.

Megan Whalen


Megan Whalen is an Assistant Proposal Manager at GPI in Wilmington, MA where she manages proposals and qualifications efforts. She is a member of the SMPS Boston Communications Committee and enjoys writing a variety of content in her personal and professional life.

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