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Marketers Make It Happen Video Blog Series: Nitsch Engineering

Presenting the first in a new video blog series by SMPS Boston, Marketers Make It Happen:

Nitsch Engineering: A Marketer’s Role in Strategic Planning

We sat down with Anna Luciano and Judith Nitsch from Nitsch Engineering to talk about strategic planning, the importance of marketing, and the education that SMPS brings.

Nitsch Engineering is known for its strategic planning efforts. They pride themselves on actually completing what they set out to do. The plan is not just words on a page, the entire company gets involved, and they regularly finish five-year plans early. Marketing plans complement the overall strategic plan and are structured around the six domains of practice laid out by SMPS. The structure allows Nitsch to be sure they are hitting all the aspects they need to in order to succeed.

When Judith Nitsch founded Nitsch Engineering in 1989, she knew that marketing and business development were important aspects of any successful business and therefore joined SMPS Boston shortly after its inception. She has seen firsthand the benefits that SMPS brings and urges Nitsch’s marketing professionals to get involved.

Anna Luciano has been with Nitsch Engineering for fifteen years and has been SMPS Boston member for fifteen years as well. Despite working in marketing before her tenure at Nitsch, Anna had never worked in the AEC industry and quickly learned that marketing professional services is unlike any other type of marketing. Through SMPS, she gained knowledge that enabled her to grow at Nitsch and in this industry as a whole.


Amanda Alcamo is the Marketing & Communications Specialist in Acentech’s Marketing Department. She is also an SMPS Boston Communications Committee Member and is currently SMPS Boston's Blog Manager.

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