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Marketers Make It Happen Video Blog Series: Smith Group

Smith Group: Acquisitions & Marketing’s Importance During Transition

We are back with the third installment of our Marketers Make it Happen Video Series. This time we talked to Lindsay Accardi, Senior Marketing Coordinator, and Mark Jussaume, Vice President & Boston Office Director, from Smith Group. We chatted about acquisitions, brand awareness, and the vital function marketing plays.

In 2018 Smith Group acquired TRO, expanding its worldwide presence and securing a Boston office. The Boston office underwent major changes moving from a 100-person firm to a firm with 1,300 employees. During the acquisition process, the marketing professionals played an integral part in communicating information internally and externally.

Lindsay Accardi played an important role during the acquisition of TRO and transition into the larger Smith Group ensemble. After leadership, marketing was the first to learn about the ongoing merger. The marketing team was instrumental in ensuring a smooth and positive transition, by keeping communications transparent, being a source of institutional knowledge, and guiding the staff through the experience. Lindsay says this partnership between marketing and leadership was not a one-time thing, but rather it is the way Smith Group operates on a daily basis.

Mark Jussaume worked alongside Lindsay throughout the entire acquisition process, working as the other half in their strategic partnership. He knows the value marketing brings and it is important to him that marketing is valued as an equal partner in the firm. Marketing is a key piece of Smith Group’s business strategy, bringing brand awareness, a sense of pride and identity, and visibility for new clients and prospective employees. According to Mark, marketing is a vital component that contributes to Smith Group’s success.


Amanda Alcamo is the Marketing & Communications Specialist in Acentech’s Marketing Department. She is also an SMPS Boston Communications Committee Member and is currently SMPS Boston's Blog Manager.

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