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Teams Tips for Power Users

As a follow-up to September’s blog post, “Leading the Teams Transition,” this edition of Marketing Trends will share some advanced features of Teams to help solidify you as a power user within your organization.

1. Bypass the Lobby

The lobby feature in Teams sends guests to a waiting screen when they initially dial-in. To avoid the risk that someone sitting in the lobby goes unnoticed, change the setting to allow everyone to bypass the meeting. Click Meeting Options, then select “Everyone” under “Who can bypass the lobby?”

2. Avoid Missed Calls with a Secondary Ringer

By default, Teams only uses one “primary” ringer. If your headset is plugged into your laptop, calls will only ring through the headset, which means you may not hear calls if you’re not wearing it. To add your speakers as a secondary ringer, click your profile picture from the Teams home screen, then click Settings, Devices and select your preferred secondary ringer from the drop-down menu.

3. Transfer Ongoing Email Collaborations to Teams

Having project documents front and center in a Teams channel is much easier than wading through countless emails to find a file. Still, old-school collaborators will continue to send important information via email. Thankfully, Teams allows users to migrate conversations from email into Teams for everyone to see. To save emails to a Teams channel, click the ellipsis next to the channel name, click “Get email address,” and send any pertinent emails to the channel.

4. Coming Soon: Private Channels

By the end of 2019, Microsoft is expected to roll out private channels within Teams. Private channels are only open to select members of the larger Team. This feature will improve collaboration with outside partners, allowing for the storage of confidential internal information in secure channels co-located in the same Team as the collaborative proposal effort.


Troy Krause is Marketing Coordinator with CDM Smith who enjoys Boston’s restaurant scene, playing sports, and visiting art museums. He is a contributor to the Marketing Trends blog series and a member of the Communications Committee.

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