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SMPS Boston January Member Spotlights

SMPS Boston is committed to providing extreme value to our members. Our Member Spotlight Blog serves as a platform to welcome New Members to SMPS Boston and highlight our established members within the A/E/C community. January’s Member Spotlights include Katya Kovbasa, Associate Project Manager for Hereva Consultants, Inc and Jay Moskowitz, Marketing Manager for City Point Partners LLC.

Member Information:

Name: Katya Kovbasa

Company: Hereva Consultants, Inc

Title: Associate Project Manager

Years Involved in SMPS: 7 Months

Committee: Programs Committee

Why did you decide to join SMPS?

My decision was based on the research that SMPS is an excellent organization for Business Development with additional value on creating connections with your peers.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining SMPS?

If you are new to the industry as the whole and would like to get your feet wet, SMPS is a great organization that can introduce you to it. With the variety of different programs and events that continually update you on the best practices and innovations that the construction world is going through.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?

I like to restore antique furniture, be that a fabric change, or a complete refurbishment of the wing chair or a sofa. I find tranquility by putting the pieces back together.

Member Information:

Name: Jay Moskowitz

Company: City Point Partners

Title: Marketing Manager

Years Involved in SMPS: 16

Committee: Programs, Education, Sponsorship Committees (Past Involvement)

Personal SMPS-Related Awards: Nominated for New Member of the Year 2005. Anna Luciano won that year!

Why did you decide to join SMPS?

When I started in the AEC industry I worked at an MEP firm called SEi Companies, now WSP. I was advised to join SMPS to better understand this industry that was new to me at the time. Back then I didn’t know the value of a network, didn’t know that to be of value to my firm, I needed to build a network of colleagues who would help me understand how the AEC industry works. SMPS made me realize that I needed to have a network when I didn’t have one and that I could apply lessons learned from being active in the chapter to my daily responsibilities. Joining SMPS was definitely one of the best career decisions I have made.

How has your SMPS Membership Benefited Your Career?

SMPS helped me understand the AEC industry and my place in it. I learned the basics of which firms team with which firms and why. The entire structure of the AEC industry became clear to me through SMPS.

SMPS continues to present a wealth of opportunities for me as marketers are often the gateway to new business. They have the principal’s ear, can facilitate meetings with principals and know the nuts and bolts of how to incorporate firms into proposals, the first step to working together.

During the last economic downturn, it was my SMPS colleagues who helped me the most, by having lunch with me, sharing leads on potential job opportunities and ultimately helping me find the right place to land.  This kind of support is invaluable and speaks to the caliber of members we have in the Boston chapter, supporting each other in tough times and celebrating successes together as well.

What is something about your job, other than money, that has inspired you to keep working there?

It’s exciting to be part of a small, growing firm like City Point Partners. We’re an upstart, we look at our larger, more established competitors and look at how we can do better for our clients. We ask ourselves, “Can we be leaner and meaner?”, “Can we bring a fresh perspective that other firms, older more established firms, can not see?”. Trying on an innovative, new approach is what keeps things fresh.

It’s exciting to see new people join the firm and see them take on new projects that our firm pursued aggressively. This sense of growth is exciting, it makes you feel like you’re in on the ground floor of a fresh new opportunity, part of something unique that not everyone gets to experience.

The thrill of the chase, the strategy required to win work, is compelling. We try to gauge the competition, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, develop a niche for ourselves. Combining this with our knowledge of the wants and needs of the client, is a challenging puzzle that we try to solve on a regular basis.

Through working at a small company, opportunities to solve problems that didn’t exist before can present themselves. Sometimes, I have found that no structure exists to help me solve a particular problem. In these instances, I relish the challenge of building a structure to solve a problem, creating a process that hadn’t existed at the firm before. It gives me an immense feeling of accomplishment that I may not get to experience at a larger, more established firm where I may not have the autonomy to develop my own solutions. This opportunity to think like an entrepreneur is something I value immensely.


If you are interested in being featured in an upcoming spotlight or would like to nominate a member, please reach out to Paul Garabedian, SMPS Boston Communications Committee Member, at or Kaytee Casey, SMPS Boston Blog Manager, at

Paul Garabedian


Paul works for ELLANA Construction Consultants as a business development associate. Although still new to the commercial construction industry, Paul grew up on construction sites. His father was a residential general contractor and carpenter and following in his footsteps, Paul took his first job working with his father on construction projects. Paul decided to make a career change and transition into the commercial AEC industry in 2016. Having already met so many amazing people, Paul is looking forward to continuing to learn and grow his knowledge in the industry.

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