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SMPS Boston June Member Spotlights

SMPS Boston is committed to providing extreme value to our members. Our Member Spotlight Blog serves as a platform to welcome New Members to SMPS Boston and highlight our established members within the A/E/C community. June’s Member Spotlights include: Pamela Roscoe, Marketing Manager for CUBE 3 Architects and Dave Easterbrooks, Vice President, Director of Marketing & Business Development for Pare Corporation.

Member Information:

Name: Pamela Roscoe, CPSM

Company: CUBE 3 Architects

Title: Marketing Manager

Years Involved in SMPS: 20

Committee: CPSM Committee

Why did you decide to join SMPS?

When I started in the industry 20 years ago, my supervisor at the time, Marc Pelletier, encouraged me to join SMPS to understand the principles of marketing for the AEC industry. He told me it was a valuable organization that had many resources and opportunities to learn and grow in my career. He was right.  I have found the organization to be beneficial in so many ways, for education, networking, and skill building. SMPS is where like-minded marketers and business developers can go to make a positive impact on their careers and help build business for their firms. I am still thankful to this day that I joined!

What advice would you give to someone considering joining SMPS?

To get the most out of the SMPS membership, I would recommend getting involved as much as you can.  Attend conferences and networking events, participate in educational programs, and join a committee. The connections and relationships you make from SMPS help you grow both professionally and personally as you move along in your career. You will learn the latest tools, resources, and opportunities to keep you and your firm ahead of the curve. And, the members are helpful, friendly, and supportive.

I would also recommend becoming a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) to learn in depth about the six domains of marketing.  By earning the CPSM credentials, you demonstrate a high level of understanding of the essential marketing skills, and distinguish yourself to be among the very best in the A/E/C industry.  

What is your favorite screen-time break activity at work?

I like to go outside for a walk at lunch when possible, to get fresh air and exercise.

Member Information:

Name: Dave Easterbrooks

Company: Pare Corporation

Title: Vice President, Director of Marketing & Business Development

Years Involved in SMPS: 35

Personal SMPS-Related Awards: 2012 SMPS Boston Marketing Professional of the Year and 2015 Fellow Designation, SMPS

What is your favorite part about being a marketer in the A/E/C industry?

As the son of a civil engineer, family dinners during my early years often included discussions about the latest design project or construction site upon which my dad was working. Even as a kid, this was interesting stuff! Once I turned 16, each summer I would work for my dad (as did my brothers) and I learned much of the trade as a land surveyor, draftsman and site designer. It was eye opening to see the complex steps required to take an undeveloped tract of land and convert it to an office park, hotel, or residential subdivision. I still enjoy driving past many of those projects today. I take the same satisfaction and sense of pride from the projects completed by Pare Corporation. I love being a marketer in the A/E/C industry because of the diverse and engaging people with whom I work – other marketers and technical specialists – but also because I never get tired of driving past a successful project and saying, “we designed that!”

What was your favorite SMPS event to date?

I have many wonderful SMPS events to look back on, but I think my favorite moment was the 2010 Build Business national conference that was held in Boston. I was president of SMPS Boston at the time, and our chapter did an amazing job supporting SMPS National as chapter hosts. SMPS Boston also took home 1st Place in National’s MCA Special Event category for our exemplary ROC Awards, and past-president (and mentor to many of us) Michael Reilly was awarded SMPS’s highest honor – the Weld Coxe Marketing Achievement Award.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?

It is not on my resume, but I think many of my SMPS friends are aware of my passion for sailing, both racing and cruising. As I write this, I am lamenting that COVID-19 has left no pastimes untouched this year. Normally I would be 200 miles offshore on my way to Bermuda right about now. But I give thanks that family and friends have been spared the very worst of this pandemic.

Earliest employment that is missing from my resume: lobster pot carpenter (I spent my 15th summer making wooden lobster pots for a professional fishing captain in Point Judith, RI).


If you are interested in being featured in an upcoming spotlight or would like to nominate a member, please reach out to Paul Garabedian, SMPS Boston Communications Committee Member, at or Kaytee Casey, SMPS Boston Blog Manager, at


Paul works for ELLANA Construction Consultants as a business development associate. Although still new to the commercial construction industry, Paul grew up on construction sites. His father was a residential general contractor and carpenter and following in his footsteps, Paul took his first job working with his father on construction projects. Paul decided to make a career change and transition into the commercial AEC industry in 2016. Having already met so many amazing people, Paul is looking forward to continuing to learn and grow his knowledge in the industry.

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