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SMPS Boston November Member Spotlights

SMPS Boston is committed to providing extreme value to our members. Our Member Spotlight Blog serves as a platform to welcome New Members to SMPS Boston and highlight our established members within the A/E/C community. November’s Member Spotlights include: Benjamin Sawa, Vice President for GEI Consultants and Maria Salvatierra, Marketing & Business Development Manager for Wilson Butler Architects (WBA).

Member Information:

Name: Benjamin Sawa

Company: GEI Consultants

Title: Vice President

Years Involved in SMPS: 13

Personal SMPS-Related Awards: Chapter President of the Year (2015)

How has your SMPS membership benefitted your career?

My involvement in SMPS over that past 10+ years has led to so many great opportunities and areas of professional and personal growth I don’t think I have the space here to include them all. But being involved in committees and at the board level offered a unique opportunity for me to develop new skills, to test leadership strategies, and to better understand how to motivate and align people along different approaches – which is an opportunity I did not have at my company 10 years ago. So SMPS became that “training ground” for how I developed those experiences and approaches that would significantly impact my own professional career growth down the line. That plus the network of friend and peers that I have developed have been so helpful in helping my firm understand the marketplace and for creating real opportunities for developing new business.

I would highly recommend getting involved in committees as much as you can. While you may not always see the opportunities immediately, they will come over time. The old adage “the more you give the more you get back” is so very true.

What is your favorite part about being a marketer in the A/E/C industry?

It’s great to be able to work in an industry where you can physically see the efforts and the resulting work of our talented architects, engineers and construction professionals. To know that you had a small effort in helping a bridge, a building, or the redevelopment of a new park is very satisfying.

What is your favorite screen-time break activity at work?

Like many people these days, we are still primarily in a work from home environment. While balancing life and work certainly has it challenges, the newfound time from not having to commute anymore is great for being able to try new recipes and to cook different types of food that you normally wouldn’t have the time to do!

Member Information:

Name: Maria Salvatierra

Company: Wilson Butler Architects (WBA)

Title: Marketing & Business Development Manager

Years Involved in SMPS: 1 year

Committee: Outreach Committee

Why did you decide to join SMPS?

I was very familiar with SMPS and collaborated with the team during my time at the BSA so I knew what a vital role it played within Boston’s AEC community. Becoming a member was a no-brainer.

What is your favorite part about being a marketer in the A/E/C industry? 

With a background in arts marketing, I never imagined I would a part of a team who design and build the theaters, performing arts centers, and galleries I used to promote so I find it incredibly creative, fulfilling, and sociable, which suits me greatly. 

What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?

I only watch PBS with my 4-year-old daughter so probably ‘Arthur’. I consider Arthur the toddler version of Seinfeld.


If you are interested in being featured in an upcoming spotlight or would like to nominate a member, please reach out to Paul Garabedian, SMPS Boston Communications Committee Member, at or Amanda Alcamo, SMPS Boston Blog Manager, at


Paul works for ELLANA Construction Consultants as a business development associate. Although still new to the commercial construction industry, Paul grew up on construction sites. His father was a residential general contractor and carpenter and following in his footsteps, Paul took his first job working with his father on construction projects. Paul decided to make a career change and transition into the commercial AEC industry in 2016. Having already met so many amazing people, Paul is looking forward to continuing to learn and grow his knowledge in the industry.

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