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SMPS Boston October Member Spotlights

SMPS Boston is committed to providing extreme value to our members. Our Member Spotlight Blog serves as a platform to welcome New Members to SMPS Boston and highlight our established members within the A/E/C community. October’s Member Spotlights include: Valerie Puchades, CPSM, Director of Marketing for GUND Partnership and Paulina Villarroel Cruz, Marketing Associate for Available Light.

Member Information:

Name: Valerie Puchades, CPSM

Company: GUND Partnership

Title: Director of Marketing

Years Involved in SMPS: 11

Committee: CPSM (Society level) and Programs (Boston)

Personal SMPS-Related Awards: 2020 Striving for Excellence Grand Prize | Chapter of the Year Award! It was awarded for the Chapter’s performance during the 2018/2019 program year, for which I served as Chapter President. Shake Things Up!

Why did you decide to join SMPS? 

I was a sole marketer at a small firm and looking for a network and knowledge to help me bring more value to my company. That decision paid off in spades.

How has your SMPS membership benefitted your career? 

By getting involved at the chapter, regional and national levels I’ve been able to grow my network. There’s never a question that comes up that my network can’t help me answer.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

I’d be what I like to call “vianne blue”. Its real name is Turquoise, Pantone 15-5519 to be specific. It was the Pantone Color of the Year in 2010 and it’s the color I used for my logo when I created the artisan chocolate brand vianne chocolat. That color brings back good memories.

Member Information:

Name: Paulina Villarroel Cruz

Company: Available Light

Title: Marketing Associate

Years Involved in SMPS: 1.5 years

Committee: Outreach Committee

Why did you decide to join SMPS?

I joined SMPS because it was recommended to me when I began my role at Available Light, my first marketing position in the A/E/C industry. As Marketing Associate in a small firm, I thought it would be beneficial to network with others outside of my day to day, gain a greater understanding of what the A/E/C industry looks like, and to seek support when necessary. Networking and connecting with others is how I tend to learn best. 

What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?

The last thing I watched on TV was last night’s presidential debate. I watched it to stay informed of what is happening with the state [of] our nation and its leadership. There are days that my husband and I are worried about current events, but we remain hopeful that better times are to come. 

I have watched other binge worthy TV as well, but the election was the last thing.  I just finished watching Ozarks, season 3.  What a “nail bitter” that was.  Initially I began watching the show because Jason Bateman stars in it as well as directs. I stayed with the show, because it is very well written, shot, and edited. These elements create the high levels of suspense that not only keeps you watching but wondering if the storylines could really happen. I love the show and can’t wait for season 4.


If you are interested in being featured in an upcoming spotlight or would like to nominate a member, please reach out to Paul Garabedian, SMPS Boston Communications Committee Member, at or Amanda Alcamo, SMPS Boston Blog Manager, at


Paul works for ELLANA Construction Consultants as a business development associate. Although still new to the commercial construction industry, Paul grew up on construction sites. His father was a residential general contractor and carpenter and following in his footsteps, Paul took his first job working with his father on construction projects. Paul decided to make a career change and transition into the commercial AEC industry in 2016. Having already met so many amazing people, Paul is looking forward to continuing to learn and grow his knowledge in the industry.

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